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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-05
How to choose the right cosmetics and use < p> cosmetics OEM manufacturer - 2018 07 - 13 09:18:30 < / p> many girls make up what is recommended at first, what to buy, beauty makeup talent with what kind of what kind of works. As a result, home to a heap of bottles start to stunned. 。 。 。 。 。 Air cushion and BB can one use? BB and foundation with which to use? Use concealer or block defect fluid today? I am use eyeliner look good? Or liquid eyeliner look good? The love of beauty is the nature of each person, so, you know not to know what we usually keen to use cosmetics its production technology is how to? Today work ah we jia cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer of small make up to tell you, what's it like in cosmetics production technology. Before makeup must recognize the difference between the same series of cosmetics different name: take makeup before the milk/isolation for instance: first of all, you know, even if the isolation by merchants praise god, also from the fact that it is the breast before makeup. Isolation/breast before makeup effect: 1, 2, to separate the skin and cosmetic embellish skin, prevent the makeup 3, joined the SPF, have the function of sunscreen makeup pink breast before: white skin, the skin lack of color, luster of the skin green breast before makeup: applicable to slant red skin, have blain blain imprint the breast before, such as red blood silk skin purple makeup: apply to skin dark yellow light skin
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