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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-05
How to choose the cosmetics OEM < p> 2017 - 09 - 18 10:16:00 < / p> how to choose the cosmetics OEM: 1, see ingredients; 2, see the touch, the speed of skin to absorb more pure 3, ph test paper test method: apply a small amount of product on the ph paper, first, a few minutes after contrast test paper color card, such as the alkaline, finished products are not suitable for use. First, someone said that the test report of what it is to real, directly for the first time, will not necessarily be accepted, to go through the detection of people, it is not qualified to return to change. So can't do that, even the stability of three months is not likely to do, to do a few days at best; The second is the ODM are reluctant to provide detailed formula can understand, this is relating to the highest commercial secrets. But as the customer can ask cosmetics manufacturer product characteristics, such as adding material can be claimed, but claimed that the effect of product, product efficacy, that is, first of all to want a positioning, such as moisturizing, whitening, anti-wrinkle and so on; Ask the third formula cost, have a choice in terms of function and price; Why is the choice? See how the word, on the one hand, is the effect, on the one hand is the price, if you want a good efficacy and the price is connected. The fourth is the skin feeling, is there any requirement for your goods, such as whether appearance is exquisite, color paste, smell, moist, refreshing, absorption speed, whether gooey and so on. Better try to find a few people or friends loved ones, a few dozen points, behold a evaluation is better. Is not to sell on the market to buy a few good emulsion, compare ( Actually is to copy, and that this step can be put in for ODM give you sample before, just tell the ODM and which style do you want skin feeling) 。 Is generally more than a few to determine the ODM cooperation, generally the follow-up will also have the skin feeling adjustment, cost price adjustment, can claim that additives, etc. These are identified, anti-corrosion requirements as challenges, stability test, this is the most basic.
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