How to choose suits own mask

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-27
Now in the market of many mask a lot of more phyletic, supermarkets and many including tear, spinning cloth, mud mask, mask effect have been exaggerated, lead to a lot of people don't feel as if maintenance does not reach the designated position seems to apply face film. So, in the face of numerous mask and how to choose their own? Type 1, clay mask. This major is vanity, add water, knead, this kind of mask is suitable for rough skin or oily skin, sensitive skin or are already condition of skin is not suitable. 2, the paster facial mask. Mask film one of the most common or fabric, the mask also has a gel paper, through the skin sealing in a certain space, make pore creates a absorb the nutrients in the mask, so I've just finished the mask will feel the skin bright some, but this kind of mask usually add preservatives, easily penetrate into skin, sensitive, so can't do this kind of mask sensitivity skin too often. 3, cream mask. This mask is the most common sleep mask, which added some film-former, softening film can be formed, isolate the air, promote the blood circulation absorption effect, good sleep mask used to when moist frost also is very good, but should control the dosage, also not suitable for sensitive skin in blain blain type of muscle. 4, tearing the mask. This kind of face more brutal, personally think that is more suitable for use in the nose to black, in the process of removing the mask, mask adsorbent adherent skin grease and dirt with stripping, black was uprooted, at the same time also can become big pore, so I usually use this kind of facial mask to use shrink water, improper use will cause pore greaten. How to correctly use the mask? After cleansing, pat toner first, then remove the XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer factory production of mask, eye location of huai, slowly will mask flat out on the face, about 5 ~ 15 minutes ( Depending on the skin absorption rate) , but do not use more than 20 minutes ( General use mask is always the same) , take off the mask, then use both hands to massage 1 ~ 2 minutes, rinse off with clear water after being fully absorbed
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