How to choose good cosmetics OEM

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-27
Selling cosmetics must be from the powerful cosmetics manufacturer OEM manufacturers, good cosmetics OEM, how much for OEM contract is brands product technical support, so a lot of brands are looking for qualified suppliers. And now there are more than 3000 domestic foundries, including factory strength is uneven, want to find a powerful generation of processing is not easy thing, especially for brands did not cooperate with contract. How to understand how a cosmetics OEM factory strength? Can from the following several aspects to understand! Whether a qualified production qualification certificate is complete production qualification certificate is the basic requirement, if no production qualification certificate, so these factories basic it is without a licence, in the production process there is no guarantee that the product quality, product safety, etc. , consumers use the product is easy to appear problem, thus marketing brand reputation, unfavorable to the company development. When looking at production qualification certificate, see whether have the cosmetics manufacturer business qualification, the qualification of the effective date and scope of business, etc. Two professional production workshop is not professional field of cosmetics OEM factory production workshop is very important, production personnel's quality, the number of production lines and production equipment, standard production workshop and so on all reflect the contract capacity, can also learn about the product information. A strong contract production workshop is an important department, it bear the product quality, product quantity of responsibilities. Three good after-sales service to track the status of whether the factory can provide one-stop cosmetics OEM/ODM service also is the standard to judge whether the enterprise has the strength, one of a professional after-sales service contract can make brands, no worries. After the market, such as customer product cullinan international after-sale service team will conduct product feedback to supervise, 24 hours to handle the product. Through the analysis of the summary to the market demand, research and analysis of the consumer is not regular, providing customers with product improvement suggestion, help customers to solve the problem of products, how much money so good cosmetics OEM is self-evident.
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