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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-29
How to choose cosmetics packaging materials? < p> 2017 - 09 - 02 12:00:00 < / p> girls choose cosmetics in addition to the cosmetics brand quality effect, cosmetics packaging is an important factor. So the cosmetics cosmetics manufacturer in cosmetics packaging also need more time. But how to choose cosmetics packaging materials?>>>> 1. Need to have certain physical properties because of packaging is to protect the product, so the packaging material must want to have a certain strength, elasticity, and can adapt to a certain external shocks, in the process of transportation pressure vibration, etc. Different cosmetics with different packing materials, like glass box class impact resistant ability is relatively stronger, not cracking, especially ring position, it is important to note.>>>> 2. Isolation ability for cosmetics is to use for a long time, so to be included on the light, moisture, temperature and so on ability of isolation. Like foundation for isolating water requirement is high, if too much moisture, powder will become sticky, it is not suitable for use. And cosmetics discoloration occurs where the light is strong, this time you need to enhance the ability of light isolation and so like transparent class cosmetics packaging is not suitable for, needs to be added in the packing material to cut off the light of the class material, to achieve the purpose of isolation of the light.>>>> 3. Sealing performance of cosmetics packaging must have a certain sealing performance, after all kinds of environmental change, able to use for a long time will not leak and metamorphism. As the change of temperature, relatively strong sense of shock will happen in the process of transportation, or the impact of the loss. This time you need to use some of the high hardness material, to make cosmetics packaging will not deformation, so as to ensure the performance of sealing.>>>> 4. Economical low cost in guarantee the quality of cosmetics packaging materials, at the same time also need to consider to the cost of materials. For a cosmetic to compare a variety of packaging materials, so as to choose the better quality at the same time costs are low material utilization, and to avoid excessive packaging cosmetics, also want to meet the quality of cosmetics packaging. To use the least cost to complete the best cosmetics packaging.
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