How to choose and how to understand EM generation processing?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-26
At present, although more and more people are doing cosmetics OEM processing, many people just have this idea. They don't know about cosmetics and cosmetics processing factories, and they don't know what kind of partners to find. Li Yan biological cosmetics processing factory tells you how to choose cosmetics OEM processing and from which aspect? 1. Online inquiry. First find some processing plants on the Internet, which is convenient and quick, and saves time. Then compare them to see how their conditions are, how many are suitable for them, and read the details. Call to inquire, and write down the factory address that meets your own conditions. Guangzhou Liyan Biotechnology Co. , Ltd. has passed the on-the-spot inspection by a professional organization, a real big factory! Really rely on strength to speak! 2. Inspect the company. Examining formula developers and teams, some cosmetics manufacturers have laboratories, but there are no developers or teams. They have research and development engineers, but these engineers can only simply analyze the formula of the purchased cosmetic products and produce them step by step. However, we all know that real R & D personnel should have the ability to develop new formulas and innovate, rather than simply understanding the existing formula list. 3. Factory inspection. Although the requirements for the production workshop are not as high as those for the drug workshop, the state also has strict requirements for the cosmetics production workshop, such as the proportion of air impurity elements and the exhaust and drainage system, the size and facilities of the production workshop must be complete, and the production workshop must reach GMPC and ISO certification system. Warm Reminder, some cosmetics companies are only attached to the intermediary of the production factory. They have no research and development capacity and no production capacity. Some even have no office address, and the quality of cosmetics is difficult to guarantee, the price is often relatively high, so the cosmetics OEM processing and production must be on-the-spot inspection of the cosmetics processing factory. 4. Equipment inspection. Laboratory equipment, production equipment and advanced laboratory equipment are an important factor that determines whether this cosmetics factory can develop new formulas; Workshop production equipment is an important factor affecting the feel and quality of cosmetics, so the choice of cosmetics OEM processing factory must see whether the factory equipment is advanced. 5. Successful cases. A professional cosmetics processing factory must process and produce products for many cosmetics brands. You can see which famous brands the factory has processed cosmetics, so you can also judge the credibility and product quality of the factory.
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