How to choose a suitable cosmetics oem manufacturer?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-17
Three suggestions, simple and clear, push back to assess the factory: 1, check the record, the simplest. At present, the state has forced all cosmetics to be required by both parties (Entrusting party and processing party) For the record, go directly to the SFDA official website of the State Food and Drug Administration to check the name of the factory, what information and data are available, the factory qualification record, the brand Record of the factory cooperation, the number of successful product catalogues filed by the factory is clear at a glance. 2, the degree of cooperation, the most critical. Many customers or factories blindly emphasize how good the qualifications of the other party are, as a previous brother said, empathy, how much time do you think an internationally renowned cosmetics factory will spend paying attention to a micro-business customer with a 20 thousands or 30 thousands mask order, looking for a factory is the same as looking for an object, suitable for the best, before looking for a factory with a high-end atmosphere, I also measure my own order quantity enough. To find a cosmetics oem manufacturer suitable for your order quantity and cost control requirements, it depends on the degree of cooperation, especially the CS that is connected with you. At present, unless it is a patented product, otherwise, under such a fierce competition for homogenization, why should I choose your factory and pay for services is a fair equivalent exchange. 3, look at the quotation, the most intuitive. What I said here is not to let you compare the price with 20 or 30, nor to encourage you to choose the factory with the lowest price, but to say that you are from the process of quotation, we can basically see the sincerity of a CS. Today, when time is money, experienced old salesmen basically have no time to bargain with you, basically, you can judge which quotation is the most reliable after you shop around. In addition, I would like to elaborate on the filing of cosmetics oem manufacturers, look at the brands that cooperate with the foundry, and actually go back to check their information, the information on the official website of Food and Drug, and the filing of the cooperative brands ( There are detailed filing products, ingredients, efficacy and other information) I will give you a few experiences to see what the cooperative brand gameplay is, such as beauty salons, online, micro-business, etc. : first, the general technical content of beauty salons is high, and the characteristics are obvious, in the aspect of traditional Chinese medicine, it is used a lot, and the daily chemical aspect is almost the same. In general, the product is required to be good, and the immediate effect is emphasized. Second, if it is a daily chemical retail, Supermarket Direct store (Shangchao) Etc. The characteristic cost is cheap, the technical requirements are not strong, the retail packaging in supermarkets is not up to grade, and the technical strength in cosmetics is not strong. Third, if there are many micro-business customers, then the sales ability is strong, the outer packaging is high, the product special certificate is obvious, the product span will be large, the market direction is strong, and the product requirements are gorgeous, there are many functions but not special ones, and the study of text wording is greater than that of products. In my opinion, it is good to find an enterprise with high integrity that conforms to your product ideas and good service quality.
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