How to choose a good sunscreen to protect skin to taste?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-27
How to choose a good sunscreen to protect skin to taste? Here are the XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer small make up to you to reassure: according to the quality of a material to choose sunscreen sunscreen value is higher and higher? A few years ago, also can see on market such as SPF8, 15, 20, prevent bask in article, SPF30 sunscreen has higher protection. And this two years, five pf50, 50 sunscreen is everywhere. On the one hand, the development of technology, makes the quality of a material of sunscreen is doing better, in ensuring comfortable use feeling, under the premise of no oil is not greasy, ascension is prevented bask in value as much as possible, make high prevent bask in article also change once the use of greasy thick unwell feeling. , on the other hand, a lot of sunscreen knowledge popularization, and the Oriental unique like the aesthetic psychology of white oath, fear of skin spots, that beautiful people are more inclined to high-expansion prevent bask in article, think they are more comfortable feeling. Prevent bask in high value today, has become a mainstream trend of the market at present, we don't need to go to discuss indoor exactly how many index should be suitable for use of protective products, and might as well from the perspective of a more practical, considering their use. Famous medicine makeup brand in Spain lsdin r&d LABS, sunscreen to make dozens of germplasm, meet different care needs. Good specific humidity skin formula, can be directly used in moist not dry skin and won't skid or left white seal; And very popular in recent years as the 'dry' hit a formula, apply immediately after feeling dry and smooth, no greasy feeling. Such as moisture mousse texture, again is a very dry skin types of a crowd and the young people like the quality of a material of foamy daub after open to cool the skin filling water; There are now very popular water spray, through special processing technology, high power prevent bask in article also a sense of the use of water, change traditional sunscreen fat '. Good sunscreen = + at ease in sunscreen to protect skin to taste the feeling of comfort position is special, its role is not to enter the skin, what nutrition or moist, but white to stay on the surface of the skin, prevent the various of ultraviolet harm. In technology is not enough good once upon a time, sunscreen into the skin stimulation, and even blood, breast milk on the news of sunscreen is trumpeted and spread. And now, we already have enough good technology, to ensure the safety of the sunscreen. Of course, there are still very small amounts of sunscreen may through the skin, but these osmotic quantity not detrimental to health, can also be human body in time, and the damage relative to the sun, sunscreen unsafe factors 'is negligible. The development of the full effect protection technology make now can prevent bask in article not only have cut off the primary uv damage caused by UVA and UVB rays, previously neglected the problem such as infrared, visible light has become the research object, despite their skin. The direct impact is not big, but could accelerate uv damage to skin. And the protection range is broad recipes, can also bring people a better comfort feeling. Another kind of comfortable feeling comes from the feeling of when using, despite the clear water prevent bask in article, is loved by many people but there are still a significant number of users tend to choose certain protection product 'presence', they usually have relatively moist texture, after using the skin can feel with a layer of moisturizing membrane obviously. The texture but not greasy, can act as a day cream to use prevent bask in article, is designed for those who need more security.
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