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by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-11-25
Due to the rapid development of the transportation logistics industry and frequent interaction of international trade, cosmetics manufacturing is no longer limited by the origin of raw materials, and the opening of cosmetics manufacturers worldwide has begun to prevail. Therefore, when cosmetics dealers choose cosmetics manufacturers, they are easy to face many manufacturers and become confused. If a cosmetics dealer wants to choose a cosmetics manufacturer with good quality and good service, how should he do it? 1. Check the basic information of the manufacturer. The regular cosmetics manufacturer has the real factory registration information and cosmetics production license. The factory should have enough start-up funds. Moreover, it is necessary to investigate the professional and innovative ability of R & D personnel, and whether the research field of R & D talents can cover the fields closely related to medicine, dermatology, pharmacy, toxicology and the production of cosmetics. Only excellent R & D team can guarantee the production strength of cosmetics manufacturers. 2. Viewing the management level of the factory management level to judge the management level of cosmetic manufacturers requires investigating the monitoring of cosmetic production lines and production equipment, production efficiency and production quality. Strict, scientific and systematic management can ensure that every link of cosmetics production is strictly controlled, and accurate measurement of all components of cosmetics is carried out, and has a strict detection system for heavy metal content in cosmetics. Therefore, cosmetics dealers must check the management level of cosmetics manufacturers. 3. Check which customer's reputation cosmetics manufacturer can be trusted, and dealers can check with other countries to understand the reputation evaluation of previous cooperative customers. The market praise and sales volume of the cosmetics brand of the cosmetics manufacturer can indirectly reflect the comprehensive strength of the cosmetics manufacturer. Only manufacturers without bad reviews are worth choosing. The chemicals produced by cosmetics manufacturers are directly applied to the skin, and the quality of cosmetics produced by them is directly related to the health of the human body. Therefore, cosmetics dealers must play the spirit of 12 points to choose cosmetics manufacturers with guaranteed quality. They must conduct in-depth investigations and live up to their conscience.
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