How to choose a cosmetics foundry?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-17
For some people who have just come into contact with the cosmetics and beauty products industry, they need to know the cosmetics processing process. Perhaps you have seen a lot of cosmetic processing and manufacturing processes, but they are only one-sided. Zhuhai Yuanda Meiye cosmetics processing factory will organize the detailed OEM process for you. 1. Company registration and trademark company registration are now relatively easy, and trademark registration is even more difficult. The registration process is not difficult, but there are fewer and fewer trademark names available now. 2. To confirm the product line composition and sales channels, we should position the consumers facing our products. If you adopt professional series, of course, you need better quality. If you are going through daily lines, e-commerce channels, of course, you need to save costs. Therefore, positioning products is very important. 3. Looking for a cooperative factory, first of all. Sources of cosmetics manufacturer information: find cosmetics manufacturers through search engines, search cosmetics manufacturers or cosmetics oem on Baidu, 360, you can find a lot of information. Everyone will ask, are these factories reliable? Generally, large factories will pay attention to the image style of websites, so the strength of factories is relatively good for websites with beautiful web pages. Of course, before the real cooperation, it is necessary to go to the factory on site to understand more clearly. Secondly. What should I pay attention to during the field trip? Looking for some manufacturer information, ordinary customers will request to mail samples, but a single sample can not identify the partner, and can not judge the strength of the cosmetics factory. Therefore, it is still necessary to go to the scene. It should be noted that: the environment of manufacturers: in Guangzhou, many cosmetics manufacturers have only a few layers, even only one layer. Manufacturers such as small workshops, to be honest, choose to be cautious. Environment of production workshop: most cosmetic workshops are very similar. However, the details are very different, the production workshop is not hygienic, and whether the goods are placed neatly is related to the management system behind the factory. The production equipment can even see the actual production strength of the cosmetics factory. Sample Room: If the sample display room of the general manufacturer displays more samples, it means that the manufacturer has strong research and development capability, more selection possibilities, more mature formula, and you can choose the formula according to your needs. There is also a customer's finished product sample in the sample room, many of which will give you a hint on how to make your own products. Zhejiang XJ cosmetics processing factory, a powerful factory! Transparent chemical factory, pharmaceutical grade 100 thousand GMP production workshop, experienced research and development team, various product formulas for you to choose from, raw materials from natural plants, safety products with heart and efficacy products.
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