How to choose a cosmetic packaging containers

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-17
Cosmetics packaging should at least have the following three functions: (1) cosmetics packaging can reflect the characteristics of the contents and effect to such demands, for example, toner, toner packaging can appear a bit, let a person be clear at a glance to see the pure water. (2) cosmetics packing should be able to store products, good in the process of transport and use to durable, resistant to compression, withstand moderate friction, and vibration. (3) cosmetics packing should be convenient to consumers use, such as moisturizing, moisturizing lotion is a pump head, convenient consumers extrusion material body. Know the basic function of cosmetic plastic container packaging, we can choose according to your own brand characteristics and channel characteristic of different cosmetics packaging material. Cosmetics packaging form and choose glass bottles are very popular in some cosmetic channels, its natural transparent texture can improve the whole product image, enhance the grade of the visual. While with the improvement of PET barrier property, as a proportion of the glass bottles in the cosmetics packaging are getting smaller, but still popular with high-grade cosmetic channels to consumers. Scope of application: high-end clubs, cosmetic counters, used for milk, liquid, essence, cream, considering how much logistics industry has a brutal behavior operation, suggest avoiding electrical business channels. Acrylic acrylic packing combines plastic portable, convenient transportation and the advantage of glass connect fully, high-grade generous atmosphere, but its cost is also increased. For the professional line of large channel such as beauty salon, clubs and senior counters, acrylic bottle is the main skin care products packaging. Channels of scope of application: chemical, electrical, channels of a premium brand, beauty salon products profit space big brand, can be applied to various properties of the product. Plastic packaging plastic bottles have a transparent, translucent, and opaque, is able to show the characteristics of different products, basically give priority to with PET, PE material. Cosmetic plastic containers is the feature of various shapes, light and not easy to fall off, the cost is cheap. The PET bottle is plastic manufacturing environment, can be recycled. Scope: electric business channels, skin care and so on. Carton packaging carton packaging is generally used in soaps, or the powder class cosmetics, such as facial mask powder. And is used for outer packing. Beautifully printed, reasonable structure of the carton packaging has greatly increased the product shelf display effect. In terms of carton packaging quality and level, CTP technology, the use of some special effect pigments and printing ink has played a huge role. Scope of application: soap box, film cartridges, as well as a variety of packaging. Flexible hose hose, used to clean face product, lotion, cream, and so on are suitable. The hose is now present a variety of shapes and tube type, some can even add pump head, can choose range is very large. Cheap, beautiful and easy, easy to use, easy to transport is the virtue of the hose packaging. Scope of application: skin cleaning products, film paste products, hand cream, is fit for all kinds of channels. 518. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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