How to choose a cosmetic manufacturer to be reliable?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-17
There are many brands who are communicating with cosmetics manufacturers to produce a batch of cosmetics. However, there are many problems in the process of communication and selection of manufacturers, and they are also very confused when selecting manufacturers, because basically every one is similar, and information asymmetry is often very passive. Each family said that their technology is advanced, the R & D personnel are powerful, etc. , but many of these things are invisible, opaque, and each family's statement is similar, it is difficult to choose. This may be a problem that many micro-merchants or brands will encounter when looking for cooperation with cosmetics processing manufacturers. What are the general contents of cosmetics OEM manufacturers? How can we choose a reliable and professional cosmetics manufacturer? In fact, it is very simple to find a good cosmetics OEM: Here are some problems that need to be paid attention to when choosing a cosmetics OEM/ODM processing factory. 1. Examining formula developers and teams, some cosmetic processing plants have laboratories, but there are no developers and teams. They have engineers, however, these engineers can only simply analyze the purchased formula and produce it step by step. Real R & D personnel should have the ability to develop new formulas and innovate, rather than simply understand the existing formula list. 2. Check whether the cosmetics factory has a laboratory and research and development team. Many cosmetics factories do not have a laboratory and research and development team. Such factories usually buy some formulas from other factories with Laboratories to produce them step by step, there is no ability to develop innovative formulas, so such factories produce the same formula for 3 years and 5 years. 3. Certification, cosmetics production process is very strict, from product design ( Safe and effective, environmental protection/inspection report, irritation test, risk assessment)--Material Procurement (Supplier selection and management)--Material inspection (National standard sampling and admission principles)--Production (Hardware construction, bring in control, process monitoring)--Semi-Finished/finished product inspection (National standard sampling, quasi-out principle)--Warehousing, transportation (Material Protection) , Are all key quality control points, so be sure to check whether the factory has complete quality certification certificates, such as ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification, ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification and ISO22716: 2007 good operation standard for cosmetics, GMPC (American Standard)Certification, etc. 4. Successful cases, a professional cosmetics OEM/ODM processing factory must process and produce products for many brands. You can see which famous brands the factory has processed cosmetics, therefore, the reliability and product quality of the factory can also be judged. 5. Laboratory equipment, production equipment and advanced laboratory equipment are an important factor that determines whether this cosmetics factory can develop new formulas; Workshop production equipment is an important factor affecting the feel and appearance of cosmetics, so the choice of cosmetics OEM processing factory must depend on whether the equipment of this factory is advanced. 6. Although the production workshop and cosmetics have no such high requirements for the production workshop as the drug workshop, the state also has certain requirements for the cosmetics production workshop, for example, the content of air impurity elements and the exhaust and drainage system must meet the national requirements. The production workshop does not have to be large, but the facilities must be complete. 7. On-the-spot investigation, there are many intermediaries in the cosmetics industry. The price of intermediaries is often relatively high and the quality is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, to process and produce cosmetics, we must inspect the cosmetics factory on the spot.
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