How to choose a cleanser OEM generation of processing?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-27
Choose to see cleanser OEM generation of processing manufacturers what respect? This may be a lot of customers seek cooperation in the industry did not contact before there is doubt, so how are we to choose cleanser OEM generation of processing factory? XJ is actually very simple, guangzhou Beauty cosmetics OEM suggestion you can from the following points to see! 1, see cleanser OEM generation of processing factory production workshop and staffing size. Whether conform to the requirements of the various production cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer, whether to have allowed production of the certification audit, the indicators of the national requirements whether qualified. 2, whether factory production equipment is advanced. Good mechanical equipment directly determines the production whether to have higher automation level, high level automation so production will be high, factory delivery speed will be faster, it can be finished quickly cosmetics production task, completed on time delivery! 3, look at how cleanser OEM generation of processing factory research and development capabilities. Room with independent research and development, has a professional r&d team work in the cosmetics research, their research level and at what level, the company has many mature cosmetics manufacturer formula. All of these are discrimination criteria of cleanser OEM generation of processing factory!
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