How to assess the cosmetics processing factory to produce the sample is good or bad?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-28
Many cosmetics manufacturer processing factory customer looking for people, before the selected goods, must show the relative people of the sample. Template is the key, the time that the event production batch is clear according to your template. To a well-known brand customers will find a lot of skin care products OEM manufacturers to produce the template, then how to clearly show the merits of the template? It is one of the key elements of choose a cosmetics manufacturer factory. Here is introduced several kind of way for your reference, it must be declared is full of abundance is not a prerequisite for this level, in other words, goods appear this kind of situation in the skin care products, is not necessarily good. But try as manufacturers to produce goods, there must be, no doubt is a good goods. 1. See ingredients: in skin care products OEM manufacturers to produce the sample at that time, called the show me about ingredients, look at the components, in which all ingredients is to identify a commodity quality standards, in some of these ingredients are used to do marketing promotion. So you must pay attention to this week. 2. See feel: digestion and absorption rate and commodity user evaluation. More mellow no harmful goods, the feel is more detailed, the skin of digestion and absorption rate is becoming more and more quickly. 3. Silver ornament measurement: the key to removing and whitening the skin, the safety of the product ingredients, arbutin, and vitamin C, etc. , as the goods are only slow, gradually improve the skin. And these plainly can high efficiency of removing and whitening goods most chemicals with lead, mercury, if long-term application of this kind of goods, it will cause poisoning of the body. So when removing and whitening the skin, the choose and buy products to take the silver ornament with dip in small skin care products, lasts for more than ten minutes after the strokes on the paper surface, if the mark is remarkable dark gray, shows the goods with lead, mercury, should be carefully chosen. 4, PH pregnancy test paper test method: human skin is acidic, so only reasonable acid skin care products can maintain skin. When buying skincare products to small coated on the PH pregnancy test paper goods, check the pregnancy test paper paint color card, after more than ten minutes for alkali, such as the goods should be applied. 5, moisturizing cream commodity fire test method: put small moisturizing cream products in ladle, then heating, if boil cream back into milk, and smell fragrant, suggests that the commodity is security. If after heating spatter, smoke, and theirs choke nose, ladle bottom have residual, suggests that commodity within the mineral oil for excess or add filled with boride, will cause harm to the skin after application. 6, cold water test moisturizing emulsion method. Pour small amount moisturizing lotion into the water. If the moisturizing emulsion floating in the river, if express moisturizing emulsion floating in the sea, indicates its oilstone ester. Oilstone ester can lead to dry skin, hair follicles jam. If moisturizing emulsion adhesive on the glass, expressing the skin care product key ingredient of the mineral oil, if only in the range of requirements, is not easy to cause harm to the skin, but less permeability is resulted from the protective layer thickness of the skin layer. If the moisturizer sink to the bottom, expressing the skin care product key ingredient of the metal cadmium, long-term application of skin can cause great damage. If the moisturizing lotion and water together, that is to say the safety of skin care products, can melt in the water, perhaps for the skin is not easy to cause damage. Rocking vessel, if the liquid into a milk white, suggests moisturizing lotion contains asphalt emulsifier, will damage the skin organization structure, cause allergies. Such as above are according to their words, cosmetics manufacturer processing factory to produce the sample is good
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