How the packing is easy to cause the secondary pollution and how to choose the right cosmetics container

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-20
Dropper design products, belong to the easy to the packing of the secondary pollution. Every access, in contact material is forced air pollution. It happened that the packing cost is far lower than the pressure head, on the whole aesthetic feeling and is superior to the head, so the brand even know this is not optimal, there are still a lot of commodity packaging. Besides the dropper design, wide mouth cream is a packaging for large area exposed to the air bottle; Plastic hose to maintain article, also have every access to accelerate the oxidation air. And all easy to 'eat' into the air and maintain article, in the large area exposed to the air is appropriate as soon as possible to use after opening, this kind of packaging products, not to burn for next reoccupy Probably all the oxidation gone bad) 。 Recipe for you to choose the right cosmetics container all cosmetics, skin care products and medical products are chemicals, so they may react with other substances. The right cosmetics container will ensure compatibility between packaging material and formula. If you have a preservative, organic or high-end medical formula, you should choose a no bottle or jar. No air pump pump can protect sensitive products from pollution, and provide up to 99% of the products; Even high viscosity products such as toothpaste. For lotion, body oil, shampoo or shower gel, has a good allocation of cover or the pump conventional PET, HDPE or LDPE cosmetics bottles will finish the work. PET and HDPE cosmetics bottle custom tool suitable for looking for unique design of the customer. As foaming facial cleanser becomes a new trend, on the demand of the foam pump bottle is on the rise. Foam pump is also used in hair care products. If your product is too thick, like a body butter, a PP tank may be the ideal solution. Due to the viscosity or aesthetic appeal, some skin care brand still tend to jar to the bottle. Without the rise of the tank to keep the brand tradition can of aesthetic charm, while ensuring the protection formula. According to the different types, squeeze the bottle has the advantage of not only looks high-grade, easy to use, can also carry some weight. When using glass bottles and bottles of perfume, not only appearance beautiful, eye-catching, and the basis of high-grade skin care and cosmetics also more and more choose to use the container. In addition, in order to achieve the aim of sustainable development, with the use of secondary packaging less and less, the folding box and set - Upboxes use less and less. But, because of folding box and set - Upboxes can effectively convey the high-end brand image, so in widely used in the field of high-end products, which are worth noting. 401. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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