How purify is corneous? When using cosmetics chamfer should pay attention to what issues?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-28
Cutin problem is that many women will worry, and basically is cleaning every day, every day, but the cutin can thoroughly remove? Certainly can't, because our skin cells are renewable, after 28 days of cycle, the old dead skin cells, new skin cell regeneration stream, so the cutin is continuous, so bringing small make up suggest: as long as regularly clean ~

purify is corneous but how science is a big problem, because in many ways: the attention or note, that when using cosmetics manufacturer chamfer should pay attention to what issues? Here is filled with dry well, like to be kept.

1, evening chamfer

at night is the best time for skin metabolism, in the meantime, skin cells are more active, at this point your facial skin also accept chamfer 'work'.

2, peels and adding natural oil on the skin

if you often go cutin, remember to protect your skin. After cutin, because skin will become dry, remember to add some natural oils. In recent years, many brand of skin care essential oil is effective, the best protect skin to taste of imported raw materials, XJ Beauty has not brand essence oil product generation process well, love can seek advice.

3, peels, use a mild cleaning products to keep the skin

your skin will suddenly out of oil? Remember at least ten days before the work in the next time you go cutin 2 weeks to make the skin to have a rest. When you are recovered, you can use a mild cleaning products containing green tea and vitamin C.

4 o, facial and body chamfer simple product cannot be mixed

due to the different thickness of the sebaceous glands and the body itself, facial and body chamfer should be targeted. The body skin, especially in the legs, arms and elbows, especially easy to dry, and facial chamfer simple product is hard to meet the needs of the body care; Facial skin than the body, on the other hand, more delicate and sensitive skin, so the body in the chamfer simple product thicker particles may cause damage. Therefore, choosing the right product is part of the cutin, cannot be ignored. Cutin

every day, but not frequent exfoliator, because it is easy to damage to the newborn corneous layer, so the cycle of chamfer to hold good, suggested that sensitive and dry skin as far as possible need not chamfer, outermost layer of skin, one to two times on Monday can even once a month, so the chamfer not deliberately, because wash a face is one way for the chamfer.

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