How much money they will need to do a cosmetics brand

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-14
How much money they will need to do a cosmetics brand? Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics factory tell you a new cosmetic brand investment mainly includes the following aspects: 1, the qualification registration fee, registration fee (mainly includes the company's business license About 2000 yuan, about need 15 working days) , as well as cosmetics trademark registration fees ( About $1500 - 2000 yuan, probably need 20 working days) 。 Can find a local agency registration, for example, in baidu search 'luoyang company registration', 'changsha trademark registration' to find your city agency registered company. 2, cosmetics raw material costs, most of the brands are composed of several kind of cosmetic item, use different types of cosmetics raw material is different, so there is a price difference between types of cosmetics, such as facial cleanser and toner price is not the same. In addition, there are also similar products formula design, raw material of the different style cosmetics use also have differences, so there is also a price difference between style, for example, hydrating mask is 30 yuan/kg, there are 50 yuan/kg, 80 yuan/kg, 120 yuan/kg, and so on, customers can choose according to their own brand positioning and demand corresponding formula of the price of products. 3, processing fee, usually a bottle of cosmetics processing cost is zero. 5 yuan, a mask processing cost is zero. 3 yuan, processing process mainly includes the following several aspects: the cleaning and disinfection of the bottle, filling, sealing, packing, encapsulation, code, and packing. 4, the third party test fee, the state compulsory for every product need to put on record, and for the record to provide the products of the third party inspection report, the single product testing costs about 750 yuan, ba eu company can deal with cosmetics for the record. 5, cosmetics packaging costs, mainly including cosmetics bottles and boxes. Glass bottle, usually a single phone is 5000 minimum, a bottle is about 3 yuan. Acrylic bottle, generally a single phone is 5000 minimum, about 6 yuan a bottle; Cleanser hoses, generally a single phone is 5000 minimum, a hose about 1 yuan. Item outer cosmetics, usually 2000 minimum, a box ( Contain the mask box) About 1 yuan. box set, is generally 2000 minimum, a suit - about 15 yuan 50 yuan, box choose has a larger effect on the price of materials, such as leather box is more expensive.
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