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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-15
How much is the cosmetics OEM generation of processing < p> 2017 - 09 - 16 10:08:00 < / p> with the cheapest price for all want to do the best products, I'm afraid this is every beauty industry elite want, actually as a contract, so don't want to? But do not understand, in other words, the layman don't understand the connoisseur of pain, can always ask the za also have to solve the problem is not so? At least let people know the reason? The product what is how to price? 1. Set prices according to the product's market position in the first place to find factory to do cosmetic processing first product launch a budget, need to have a clear market positioning, is a high-end or in the end, or the low end, this is the foundation to locate, again according to your consumption group, is a professional line? Or main cosmetic line? Because of different location, the study of product effect is different. Is not the same as the price of course. 2. processing costs within the processing price = + packaging + minimum quantity, basically consists of three parts. When you put the book after positioning, that is, choose the right materials and packaging materials, affect the price of only the minimum quantity, minimum quantity, the more so the lower the processing cost. The cheapest price if you want to do the best products are to be within a certain good in material, packaging material, minimum quantity and then talk to the cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer. Some customers may say, well you the order quantity more than 20000 piece of mask I use so much ah? But in turn thought, we do business for a long time, the product brand is your child, a not behind to burn? More than 2000 cosmetics factory in wenzhou, it is better to solve the problem is the price. Here you can find the price low to no friends. There is no minimum, only lower. If you really find a hard bargains, do you really trust him with your brand? Finally, the price of the cosmetics processing is important, but choose the qualified cosmetics manufacturer is the premise of quality assurance.
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