How much does it cost to force EM to OEM cosmetics?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-22
With the continuous strengthening of people's concept of beauty and skin care, consumers always have a lot of concerns when choosing cosmetics, so manufacturers also have requirements in the choice of cosmetics OEM. However, as customers of cosmetics processing, they will ask such a question: 'How much does cosmetics processing cost? Will it cost a lot? 'Many customers want to make the best products at the cheapest price, but because they don't understand the market. Some customers are always asking information about these questions, but they still can't find the answer they want! If you want to do cosmetics processing, you need to have a budget for product delivery. You need to know your market positioning, whether it is high-end or mid-end, or low-end, according to your position to choose the internal material and packaging materials, in fact, cosmetics processing does not have a clear pricing, it is a variable. Cosmetic processing price = minimum order quantity of internal materials and packaging materials. When you have set the positioning, you have chosen the appropriate internal materials and packaging materials. Only the minimum order quantity will affect your price. The more the minimum order quantity, the lower your processing cost. Of course, if you want the cheapest price to do the best product, you need to talk to the manufacturer after determining the internal materials, packaging materials, and order quantity. Therefore, we should consider at least the following aspects when choosing OEM cosmetics enterprises. First, product quality, which will affect whether you can avoid lawsuits and the brand can grow healthily; Second, management level, which will save you a lot of time and energy, superior management level will make your delivery much ahead of schedule; Third, the scale of production, often the larger the scale of manufacturers, the more the ability to let the price; Fourth, market feedback, whether the product is recognized by the market and whether it can be realized after production.
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