How much do you know the cosmetics OEM?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-13
Biotechnology guangzhou XJ Beauty skin care products OEM: about cosmetics OEM little sense today many people in skin care products self-employed, but some friends do not understand cosmetics OEM, guangzhou cosmetics factory XJ Beauty biotechnology combing a lot of problem today, during this is only a small part. 1, skin care products OEM production and processing requirements the equilibrium of supply and demand of the customers cosmetics enterprise business license and cosmetics trademark logo, no enterprise business license or trademark logo can authorize guangzhou cosmetics manufacturer factory or company registration agency application for registration, take up and down in 2000. 2, guangzhou cosmetics factory is not the same as the bulk, this with the cosmetics manufacturer's operating scale, overall production factory scale, the greater the up batch is higher; Commodity categories, day cream paste image film such as single bottle specification, materials with low price, mass higher, and the essence, such as single source fluid, essential oil bottle small specification, high prices of raw materials, the batch is lower than the above,; The cost of batch with manufactured goods, production process etc. 3, cosmetics OEM price with material cost; Processing costs and processing costs including packing, cans, etc. ; The third party testing cost, cost including goods for the record inspection cost; Packing material cost and freight logistics transportation cost, freight logistics transport cost during general is full of customers, manufacturers don't package transportation logistics cost. 4, cosmetics OEM production and processing production cycle time is a packaging material to the cosmetics manufacturer, the cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer inspection packing material quality pass within 15 working days after delivery; During packaging materials manufacturers generally only as to help customers to buy, proofing, production, packaging materials recycling requirements - 20 Up and down for 50 days.
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