How do women use lipstick to paint a temperament?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-06
Lipstick should be a must-have item in many women's homes. Lipstick has been used for a long time, as if it is not smeared today, it will feel particularly unnatural and completely without self-confidence. Customers around them also bought a lot of lipstick at home. They always said that although they bought a lot of lipstick, the color difference was not big, and sometimes they bought it when they thought the color was good, sometimes I will buy it at a discount, but I don't know which color is suitable for me and which color is applied to show my temperament. Today, let's talk about the selection of lipstick, how to choose lipstick, please poke the link: no matter how old the woman is, try to avoid these three kinds of 'mine Lipstick ', old and ugly, why not recommend women to buy lipstick, the reason is the following 4 points, know these before making a decision. 1. According to their own temperament, each person has different facial features and bone characteristics, so it will make everyone's appearance very different. Some women are not old, it always gives people a kind of sweet beauty of young girls, such as Yang Mi. Some women are 20 years old like 40 years old, and 40 years old is still like 40 years old. Different looks, have different temperament, there will be obvious differences in the choice of lipstick. Some women, like Yang Mi, belong to the type of old age. Whether they are married or have a baby, they will give a sweet and lovely feeling in temperament, this kind of women should also apply their own temperament when applying lipstick, try to avoid too deep bright red or deep rose, if not especially like big red lips, you should also try to avoid it and choose a lighter color lipstick like light orange and salmon to match with yourself. Although Yang Mi will also use red lips or Maple Leaf red, her eye makeup, hairstyle and clothing must be matched with lipstick color to show the Queen's aura, and as an actress, her own performance tension is much stronger than that of our ordinary people, so it is not recommended for women who are mainly commuting. And some women are born to give people a mature memory, as if you entrust her to do one thing, she will do well, often giving people a rational, capable, neat impression, for women of this temperament, when choosing lipstick, they should also match their own temperament state, choose as many colors as possible that give people a sense of maturity, and avoid girlish colors. If you really don't know how to distinguish, use the exclusion method to exclude those light and light colors, which is your color. 2. Knowing the different colors of lipstick, what effect does it show, help you better choose it. Different colors of lipstick will completely reflect different effects, even if the same person applies different lipstick colors, the visual effects will have obvious differences. For example, the red color in the left picture is more powerful, self-contained, and independent self-temperament, while the middle picture is more inclined to warm, cordial, and quality autumn and winter makeup, the picture on the right is more elegant and refined, giving a slim and elegant elegance. (1) The depth of the lipstick is different, although it is red lipstick, but it is obvious that the picture on the left is lighter and more energetic, while the one on the right is more mature and dignified, this is because the left lipstick is added with white on the red basis, and the right picture is added with black. So when you see a lipstick color, if it makes you feel very young, it is also a young, youthful, energetic effect, and if a color makes you feel very quality, the color is a bit deep, then the smear is a high-grade, mature feeling. (2) The gorgeous and soft colors of lipstick are also visually different because of the difference in saturation. Some colors are more gorgeous (Left above)And some colors are softer (Upper right) The gorgeous color will better enhance a person's color, but if the natural facial features are more peaceful, the color of the lipstick is too bright, it will make the real facial features appear weakened, even the eyebrow-free warrior. . . . . . Women with facial features or regular makeup are trying. The soft color will bring an elegant aura, giving a quiet, intellectual taste. (3) The difference between the warm and cold colors of the lipstick is better. The lipstick with the obvious orange impression is warm, giving a friendly, warm and happy effect, the lipstick with the obvious purple impression is cold, showing a cold, charming, feminine feeling. 3. Lipstick for different occasions, how to choose? In life, we will encounter various occasions. If we divide them carefully, the color of lipstick at work and dating must be different. (1) When the mouth is red when you are feminine, the color of the lipstick should not be too rich. The bright red will make you look full of attack, and there is no shyness of the little woman, don't try dirty orange, earthy red and other colors. These colors that look old and retro will make straight men feel that your mouth looks dirty and not beautiful. Try this soft, elegant color to help you more perfectly reflect your elegance and gentleness. (2) The sense of skill at work, what lipstick to choose different women have different nature of work, some people's working environment does not pay attention to what color of the mouth red, what to use what to paint, however, some women need to be very particular about it, while others have just entered the workplace and need to be cautious in the choice of lipstick. Full of this kind of strong pearlescent lipstick, always presents a kind of Dudu lip effect, giving people a cute, cute impression, not suitable for workplace use. The dirty color system, which is very popular in recent years, belongs to the obvious personality lipstick, and the fashion sense is very obvious, but the lack of rational and professional impression does not conform to the formal sense of the workplace. The red color in the workplace should be based on the color and temperament. The color tone should be based on the rosy impression of the lip color, and try to lean on the red color, red, a little orange red, or a little red color can be, capable, refreshing, professional, to avoid some strange colors as much as possible. 4. How should women of different ages choose lipstick? We always use lively and cheerful to describe young girls, and we always use intellectual, atmospheric and dignified to describe mature women. The younger the women, the more you choose lipstick, the more you should pay attention to whether it conforms to your own age characteristics. Young girls can apply it casually, but for older women, the darker the color, the more elegant the color, the more textured, smearing is more in line with your age and identity. Lipstick is different in color and texture (Gloss, matte, moisturizing) It will produce a strong difference in vision, learn the tips of the picture above, use lipstick to paint your own temperament, noble temperament can not stop.
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