How do I select the cosmetics OEM wechat business?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-27
Ask: 'you picked the right? 'Now do wechat business people more and more, some success has some mediocre, someone has proved his worth, and earned a lot of money, but some can not sell a product, why is this? Answer: 'choose the right cosmetics manufacturer OEM/ODM company' 1, good quality, first of all, you should have quality assurance products, product quality pass will only be recognised by consumers, consumers would buy again. Good quality word-of-mouth is to stimulate the working certificate, the quality is not high, it is a good packing and promotion are useless. Maybe someone unwittingly bought, but don't think he'll buy a second time. Not only that, your reputation is damaged because of this, your product can only be hoarding in your warehouse. 2, choice of merchantability products, most avoid blindly following the masses, saw others selling this product to make money, immediately followed others selling this product. Think about it, you think like this, others think so too, that more and more people are selling this product, when the market is saturated state, basically can't sell your products. Therefore, for the novice wechat business, innovative products is particularly important. New products listed in the early, a large number of promotion is the most important is not, it is first investigate the market demand of this product is not big, high user purchase rate is not high. In this way, select the product that market demand is big, more economical than blindly follow. 3, overflow value is not equal to a lower price, this is just a feeling of relative, let the user feel far exceed their expectations, economic benefits, the feeling of the bargain. In this way, word of mouth came out. Who wants to spend money to buy good quality things, if the customer in buy your product, appropriate discounts to customers, such effects are much better than selling at full price. Though this every money less, but the word of mouth out, customers would be more, quantity also afraid of have no money to earn? 4, the prestige are marketing circle of friends, not what the product can do, be sure to have a stable supply of goods support, excellent quality assurance. Take friends mask do now very fire, but before I do cosmetics manufacturer experience for many years, not all of the mask you can do, be sure to pay attention to quality, have the national qualification and cosmetics manufacturer inspection report, you can do it for a long time. Because marketing circle of friends, do you want the product sells to his friend, not a one-time deal, must notice to word of mouth, if there is no bottom line and principles to do some bad products, finally you lost is not just a business, but friends and more people to trust in you. 5, more communication in the end, you have a good product not to communicate with people, is a cold screen, circles of people a small amount of response is only just echo. So communication is the micro broker will do homework every day, screenshots, printing is the image communication, in with his own life, so that you show to a friend is a man of flesh and blood vivid, not cold here also remind the phone's screen has some do wechat business friends, must not use advertisement refresh, so it's hard to get others' recognition and trust. You try to be wonderful, advertising is to make others willing to look at your marketing conversion rate is high.
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