How do different skin filling water? The most complete of filling water method

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-17
Skin filling water is everyone concern, especially female friends, almost every moment will address the concerns of skin moisture, pay attention to filling water. A lot of women's skin is different, because itself will adopt different methods of filling water. So what filling water? How to according to different skin filling water? 1. How hydrating women with normal skin, normal skin is actually a very happy thing, because this kind of skin in general are good, belong to the god-given beauty, a born beauty, generally in daily moisturizing care with respect to OK, but should pay attention to life work and rest, can make skin to maintain a stable routine to the best condition. 2. How hydrating women with mixed skin, mixed skin actually is a headache, because nursing is more troublesome, T area according to oily skin to nurse, cheeks, chin and other parts according to dry skin to nurse, full face hydrating and local chamfer is one of the most important change garments according to the maintenance. For T area, general will choose some salubrious oil-control, let skin maintain a balance water and oil; And should focus on for dry skin to hydrate, recommend a dragon imagine water moisturizing mask, dong extraction hall to stimulate skin cell activity, thoroughly clean the skin and regulate the water oil balance of skin, contains rich amino acids, supplement sufficient moisture and nutrients for skin, super moisturizing. 3. How dry skin hydrating dry skin of women the most headaches is in the off-season, because only in the off-season, the skin appears dry phenomenon is more, this time will pay attention to the hydrating and moisturizing care together. Appear dry skin, tend to be added a lot of moisture to skin, so that we can keep skin hydrated, but should let moisture retention, so the water lock can't reduce. General advice with moisturizing efficacy of skin cleansing in the morning to wash my face and then coated with moisture essence, then daub cream type oily larger moisturizers, deeper moisturizing to skin. If we can carry the following moisturizing spray, such as the skin is particularly dry, can spray a spray to relieve dry skin, actually is the best. 4. How oily skin moisturizing oily skin of women, generally might think that your skin so much oil, filling water is also a white fill, waste of skin care products. Actually this is wrong, oily skin of women, is basically a skin surface of oil, but the skin is an acute shortage of water in the state, is required for filling water. Oily skin filling water is good to regulate the water oil balance of skin, as long as the conditioning good, can see clearly that hydrating effect. General recommendation after facial cleaning, oily skin with water or toner convergence first cap, and then select the harmonization or clear milky skin moisturizing products instead of accusing oil moisturizing, fu dong extraction can also night hall dragon imagine the surface membrane, natural borneol liquid can stimulate skin cell activity, thoroughly clean the skin and regulate the water oil balance of skin. So oily skin to choose this kind of borneol mask is very appropriate. 5. How sensitivity skin filling water sensitive skin of women say that be careful some stronger effect of skin care products, whitening, anti-wrinkle, spot it is best not to think about, because itself is sensitive skin, for some strong efficacy of the product are likely to produce sensitivity, especially in the off-season, but also should pay attention to. For sensitive skin, skin care ingredients as simple as possible, in fact just be hydrating. Generally before filling water, to choose best products for the allergy test, in case of skin damage because of the sensitive skin.
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