How do cosmetics OEM cost savings

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-17
For cosmetics OEM generation of processing, cosmetics OEM processing fee is caused by many factors, but some cosmetics brands in contact with skin care products processing for the first time, will think factory price is a little high, the processing of cosmetics is not so high price, in fact cosmetics OEM generation of processing fees are not just processing cost cosmetics, also includes some channels, marketing expenses, etc. A, channels of the high cost of circulation circulation channels including cosmetics cosmetics processing production, marketing, promotion, distribution agents, terminal sales. From processing and production of cosmetics, now the domestic cosmetics cosmetics manufacturer thousands, size brand there are tens of thousands more, but a lot of brand cosmetics production capacity, need cosmetics OEM processing services, cosmetics OEM generation of labor from manufacturing to brand operations, price gap is bigger, the more famous brands, the greater the terminal sale price compared to the cost of production. 2, OEM marketing expense to protect skin to taste, after the completion of brands will expand the advertising, investment cost is considerable. Three, exquisite packaging needed to expand investment in general, cosmetics OEM generation of processing and packaging material cost less, but because the market competition is intense, a lot of brands with luxury packaging let cosmetics OEM generation of processing cost increased dramatically. Four, pre-sales and the costs of cosmetics OEM generation of processing factory, brands, agents, beauty salon is training its own sales team and service team, completes the promotion open up an outlet, the enterprise will be in the pre-sale to expand investment, these also led to increased costs and make the cosmetics retail price increase. Five, cosmetics pricing how much for that much of the cost of the processing, cosmetics OEM processing fee only occupied a small part, according to statistics, the normal situation is cosmetics - 20% of the price 50%. Above is spending details of cosmetics OEM processing, distribution, hope to be able to focus on guangdong XJ Beauty cosmetics, bring you more cosmetics OEM information. All rights reserved: http://www. gdoqsh。 com/ ( Guangdong XJ Beauty technology co. , LTD. ) Reprint please indicate the
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