How do Chinese cosmetics manufacturers complete customized production?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-31
Nowadays, Chinese cosmetics manufacturers can carry out OEM production or mass customization. If you want to see the process and steps of customization, the first step is, of course, to understand and communicate with the customer service of the manufacturer, the two sides understand some prices of cosmetics, or some small rules for customization, etc. After reaching an agreement, the customer can give his own cosmetic design artwork and formula. Next, the cosmetics factory will send a special person to carry out the production of these customized cosmetics. The time for proofing should be determined according to different situations. It may take several weeks for the new development, and it may take several months for the new development, after the proofing is completed, the factory will confirm the product with the customer and officially start production during production. After the cosmetics are produced, some customized content needs to be sprayed, such as some of the above brands, the names of the corresponding products, or some detailed graphic descriptions, etc, these are also the most important steps for customers to order in Chinese cosmetics manufacturers. After printing here, the entire cosmetics has been produced. Next, the manufacturer will inform the customer of the completion of the cosmetics. The customer can directly see the appearance of the customized cosmetics. If they feel satisfied, they can purchase the cosmetics in large batches, the transaction between the two sides was successfully concluded in this step. Of course, when customizing cosmetics, there will certainly be some problems in the communication between the two sides, which we need to pay attention to and communicate with the customer service personnel in Chinese cosmetics manufacturers in a timely manner, in this way, some problems related to cosmetics customization and production can be solved more quickly.
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