How cosmetics processing brand trademark registration?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-05
Trademark registration and protection of property rights of trademark is an important part of the product and packaging, logo design, good decorative products and beautify the packaging, promote the consumer's purchase desire. The use of the trademark is the product of sovereignty, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of a trademark registrant, is the enterprise intangible assets. So, XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer factory remind you, must apply for protection of trademark in the first time, to maintain their intellectual property! A. Application 1. Before applying the query before applying for trademark generally need to the trademark office to the query and retrieval, avoid because of a prior to apply for registration of trademark identical or similar but was rejected. Trademark query follow the principle of voluntary. Conception of trademark, shall abide by the trademark law, the provisions of the clause regarding shall not be used as a trademark, registered, and try to avoid trademark approximation with others in the same class. 2. Design trademark logo design has significant characteristics, easy to identify, can entrust relevant institutional design. 3. Fill in the book, submit materials, pay the fee, submitted to the trademark applicant name, address, contact person, telephone and other content should be in accordance with the business license or a natural person status truthfully fill in goods, services, projects shall be in accordance with the trademark office released the similar goods and service area table customer 2 fill in cooperation. 1 should submit the materials. Seal of the applicant or a natural person to sign, Affix one's seal) Two copies of application for trademark registration, commissioned for the trademark agency, trademark agent a power of attorney shall be submitted in duplicate ( Print submitted by the entrusted institution and trademark office) 。 2. The applicant's business license copy ( Legal person registration certificate) Two copies or natural person id photocopy. 3. The trademarks seven parts, specify the color of the need for by six samples of color, black and white draft a ( In between 5 * 5 cm ~ 10 * 10 cm) 。 4. If it is to apply for portrait as a trademark, shall include the right of classics notarization to the agreed to this portrait as the trademark registration statement file. 3. Charge fees according to the application for registration of category and each company's charging standards vary. Four. Registration procedure and time now, after a trademark submitted to the trademark office, after 4 months or so will receive acceptance letter ( Dubbed 'TM' logo use trademark) After, through the form of review and examination as to substance, upon preliminary examination and approval and announcement, again after 3 months of objection period, normal was approved registration takes about 2 years or so.
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