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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-17
How can achieve aseptic packaging cosmetics manufacturer < p> 2017 - 09 - 05 12:05:00 < / p> increased along with the increase in cosmetics brand and cosmetics category, people choose cosmetic requirements more and more is also high. Up and down so many vendors in the cosmetics packaging, vacuum, compression pump, aseptic tank seemingly high-end cosmetics packaging it really can withstand the test of closure? Did the sterile? Covered the smoke hole, can cause can't squeeze. Most sealed packaging is dropped the residual air pump after production, and is not really that vacuum. Our common spray is pressurized with nitrogen to the bottle design is not a vacuum. The process of production of cosmetics is not a vacuum environment, so buy formal qualified cosmetics to ensure hygiene and safety. In order to avoid the bacterial growth when using the raw material will begin to add preservatives, but if improperly stored or goes bad. The purpose is to delay the product deterioration of vacuum. Cosmetic product after packing into the container through the gas extraction machine, let out a hotbed of survival. But is there bacteria enter to see cosmetics production and use of the preservation condition. “ Compression pump & throughout; Not determine whether the basis of a vacuum, still want to see the bottom of the bottle if there is a hole. If there is no air hole is generally compression pump design, for only by pressure to squeeze liquid. Another & other; Aseptic tank & throughout; Design, claimed to have more security than vacuum, hose and special cap design, can see the bottle gradually shrink flat after use the hose. When using extrusion, because not backward pumping air, so, won't make emulsion flow, can prevent the pollution. Vacuum oxygen reduction after the bottle, can prevent the oxidation of the ingredients, active, stable and inhibit microbes survive, so it can extend the storage time. But maintain article is liquid, can't like solid is completely pumping air into vacuum state, therefore to extend the time is limited. In fact, most looked sealed packaging are not vacuum. Distinguish the vacuum flask of stoma, see the bottom of the bottle, there is no is not. General nutrition high active maintain article suggested finished within 3 months after opening, into the vacuum bag after active ingredient reduces the oxygen and the contact of sunshine, can extend a month or so. Can't change container itself is not a vacuum design, so the bottle can be joined into the vacuum bag, then take the air pump. That was saved when you long time without the protect skin to taste, delay the deterioration of its time, but unable to effectively guarantee the real cosmetics sterile. The beauty industry large annual trade show in Hong Kong CosmoProf, green trend is obvious, are introducing exhibitors & quot; Pure natural & quot; Creams, lotions, etc. However, when it comes to product packaging, green trend becomes blurred. Although from the point of view of packaging, PET material is easier to recycle, but most consumers still choose the look and feel more upscale yakeli.
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