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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-25
How a misfit promotional advertising rights < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:24:08 < / p> < p> a misfit promotional advertising how rights < / p> < p> the city council, the consumer should keep relevant evidence to the relevant departments complaints < / p> < p> typical cases < / p> < p> Mr Luo and his girlfriend a few days ago after at a shopping mall, by market doorway attracted to promote staff introduced promotional advertising, sales promotion advertisement says its stores is preferential activities, 28 yuan to four fine art. Mr Luo and the girl friend feel content is worth somewhat, to its studio photography. A few days later, Mr Luo to take photos when told to pay 300 yuan. Mr Luo don't understand, they said to each other before good question only 28 yuan, the other party explained that in addition to the photographic fee, also includes the camera equipment, cosmetics, trying on clothes, cd-rom production, etc. , belong to own content. Suddenly appeared a number of picture is not clear before charging, Mr Luo have seed the feeling of being deceived, but based on the situation at that time had to pay. Mr Luo consulting whether the operator is the practice of fraud? How should human rights? Lawyer reviews < / P> < P> guangdong lawyers Du Yanzhi by day review: < / P> < P> in this case, four fine art studio to take 28 yuan promotional advertising to attract consumers, and hide additional charge camera equipment, cosmetics, trying on clothes, CD content such as cost and obviously belongs to misleading false propaganda, studio behavior violated the 'elimination' article 19 about operator is real information to inform obligation to consumers. According to the Supreme People's Court 'about carrying out the < general principles of the civil law of the People's Republic of China> problems ( Trial) 'The 68th regulation:' a party intentionally false case told each other, or deliberately concealing the truth, intention to induce the other party to make errors, can be regarded as fraud. '< / P> < P> in this case, the studio intentionally conceals the actual circumstances of the price, to induce consumers to make the wrong meaning, said there is certainly a fraud. When consumer is Mr Luo and his girlfriend in receiving payment photos can refuse to pay. But in this case, the consumer has to pay the cost of 300 yuan, is seen as it's recognition of studio fees, such as consumers to studio claims its fraud requirement shall bear the liability for compensation, is difficult to get the support in the judicial practice, but consumers may, in accordance with article 34 of 'elimination' consumer association complaints or complaints to the relevant administrative department. < / P> < P> the city council tip < / P> < P> 1, in the face of businesses a variety of promotional advertising should be treated with caution, especially careful with the price of the trap, don't be trapped by the preferential price. 2, before receiving a service, it is better to sign a written contract ( Or agreement) , carefully read the written content, to enjoy the service price, content, to understand the clear conditions. 3, once consumers' legal interests are violated, do not be eager to concessions to the operator, the related evidence to appeal to the relevant departments in time. < / P> < P> the city council special clew consumer: '11' golden week approaches, a promotional discounts entered the peak, the consumer must be vigilant, to understand the true meaning of promotional discounts, as far as possible do shop around, than three. < / P>
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