Higher knowledge processing | revelation cosmetics cost how to calculate?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-25

we want cosmetics generation processing charges will be what? Is a lot of people want to know the beauty industry! Knowledge, XJ today Beauty for you to rise up reveal cosmetics generation processing cost how to calculate?

XJ Beauty is committed to become a global cosmetics industry the highest, the widest and deepest ability technology platform, has 20 years experience in cosmetics and processing, this is not a hard question to answer, in fact the processing cost is influenced by multiple factors.

but simple says cosmetics manufacturer OEM generation of processing fees how can there be a formula: cosmetics processing fee = + packaging material ( Within the packaging + outsourcing material) + artificial cost, minimum quantity. Of course design in the many other costs, such as freight, storage charges, utilities, etc. , of course most of the factory will put these miscellaneous fees apportion into raw materials fee and artificial cost, so do cosmetics manufacturer OEM choice XJ Beauty, you can save energy, order processing and material benefit is great now!

the following detailed said the factors influencing the cosmetics processing costs.

a, the material quality:

do cosmetics generation process before, it is necessary to define the positioning of products and sales channels, cosmetics sales channels mainly are: professional line of cosmetics + cosmetic line. The product cosmetic line generally ZouDian channel, wechat business channels, professional line of products is in view of the beauty salon, positioning, for the product quality requirements are different. General cosmetic line of products within the price will be lower, professional line of products within the required material price is relatively high.

2, packaging material quality:

there are two kinds of packaging materials, packaging materials and outsourcing material, packaging material in general is glass bottle, plastic bottle, hose, etc. , the outsourcing material is usually pallets. Customers can also provide their own internal and external packaging, only need to cosmetics contract generation processing production within the material and then filling and packaging.

three, minimum quantity:

whether generation processing orders or packaging material quantity, involves a minimum quantity problem, large quantity can save labor costs, reduce mechanical wear and tear cost, so the processing quantity is little words the price is relatively high some. If cosmetics generation processing order is bigger, XJ Beauty will give some discount, the more we discount the more volume!

other cosmetics, generation of processing fees:

cosmetics generation cost processing and other services, products inspection fee, registration fee, etc. , the other is the customer to choose the way of processing, some mature formula brands should bring along their own products, whether it involves the factory need to order the raw material, time cost will increase, cosmetics that can affect the generation processing fees.


there are many factors that can affect the machining cost of cosmetics generation, can't from the two aspects to decide, more is to consider integratedly, XJ Beauty welcome you to visit the field visits, professional cosmetics technology platform, continuous innovation, to help you with the Beauty industry brand core competitiveness!

in the process of looking for cosmetics OEM tax how much have you handed in your IQ?

today to see cosmetics generation processing cost how to calculate?

it is increase knowledge

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