High-end cosmetics glass container from its visual impact and texture

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-16
High-end cosmetics glass container products atmospheric grade, the term used to describe the packaging, used in glass bottle body is obviously fit for. If the product positioning in high-grade level, cosmetics glass container can become a priority for cosmetics packaging container. High-end cosmetics glass container from its visual impact and texture. Compared with other plastic packaging materials, glass cosmetic containers more simple sense and massiness, partly to people's hearts closer to the product of high degree. Light, like the plastic packaging, go against the massiness of foil products. In addition, cosmetics glass container in appearance can do a lot of later processing, frosting, spraying, baking, etc. , these post processing craft, can rapidly enhance the appearance of glass cosmetic containers, glass cosmetic containers more artistic senses, thereby gaining promotions on temperament. Cosmetics glass container surface state, composition and internal structure and its composition, structure, there is a big difference. The surface properties of glass bottles for its main properties have a significant impact. On the surface of the glass chemical stability, in fact, depends on its chemical stability and mechanical strength of glass, impact resistant performance to a considerable extent depends on the glass surface morphology and structure. Therefore, surface treatment of glass is made of high strength lightweight glass containers of one of the important technical means. Cosmetics glass container, the purpose of surface treatment is to change the container on the surface of the chemical stability and eliminate the damage on the surface of the glass, so as to achieve the aim of enhancing. Main methods are to add coating to bottle blowing, physical reinforcement, chemical reinforcement, surface acid treatment, such as plastic coating method. Cosmetics glass container is transparent, this is a big advantage as the packaging, compared to metal materials packaging, its able to display packaging products take in everything in a glance, arouse the desire to buy our. But with glass cosmetic containers used in food, medicine packaging of these products, so some products demand for packaging is away from light, such as fruit juice, such as drugs, these products to avoid light requirements will affect the product quality of cycle, which requires to glass cosmetics container away from light to improve the performance. At present, there are two main ways. One is to use colored glass bottle packaging, such as essential oils glass cosmetics container is used dark glass containers for packaging, to meet the needs of light. Another approach is the material of cosmetics in a transparent glass container itself was improved, through cosmetics glass container this layer medium light absorb light to reduce the harm of the product. For cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers, though, cosmetics glass container is positioned in the high-end packaging market. But, as we all know, low-end market packaging to be effective amount, get more customers, therefore, how to balance the market localization, for cosmetics glass container cosmetics manufacturer, worth thinking about. 425. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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