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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-08
Health department released public health beauty parlor the dirtiest < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:59 < / p> golden sheep eye network this newspaper reporter Liao Huailing, correspondent reported Chen Guangtai: recent organizations across the province's provincial swimming center, hotel, bath place and beauty salons and other public places health supervision and spot checks, results show that the public health condition overall is good, the most dirty beauty parlor. The 228 selectived examination of various public places, with a valid hygiene license rate is 96. 05%; Check staff 2478, hold a valid health certificate accounts for 96. 12%; Public supplies and utensils disinfection effect detection, percent of pass is 83 bacteria. 87%, the qualified rate of e. coli 98. 81%. Examination revealed, beauty parlor problem is more, the proportion of effective hygiene license, the employees' health scale, proportion of disinfection facilities equipped with and carry out disinfection system, are lower than other types of public places. Expert analysis, the above situation and hairdressing unit staff liquidity is big, the first personnel engaged in the industry are not familiar with related health management laws and regulations, not in public places, such as cosmetics manufacturer health regulations, health certificate, please timely handle the hygiene license and practitioners, the hygiene license for cosmetics, and some of the units failed to according to the demand of public goods in public places, utensils disinfection equipment and carry out the disinfection and other factors.
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