Have you paid attention to acne, coarse pores and makeup hygiene? -XJ BEAUTY

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-02-24
Have you paid attention to acne, coarse pores and makeup hygiene? Makeup is a troublesome thing. If you want to be simple, you will simply not change it. However, there are still many female friends in life who will have some bad habits when making up. Today, I am optimistic and pay more attention to it later. 1, do not wash your hands before makeup, wash your hands after going to the toilet, cosmetics directly contact the skin, you should wash your hands before makeup. Many women make up while playing with mobile phones. Many bacteria on mobile phones are transferred to skin and cosmetics when making up. In addition, the product cover must be covered in time after makeup to avoid long-term contact with air. 2, makeup tools are not cleaned, many girls use a set of makeup tools to throw, never clean. Makeup tools are easy to collect bacteria, facial oil plus cosmetic residual bacteria multiply. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the makeup tools regularly, use special detergent or neutral soap, use paper towel or cotton pad to dry after washing, and then put it flat in a ventilated place. 3, bring the cosmetic bag into the bathroom, the bathroom is very dirty, but some women will bring the cosmetic bag into the bathroom to replenish, if you really need to make up in the bathroom, you should prepare a small amount of separate packaging. 4, the use of lipstick when a cold, bacteria are easy to adhere to the lipstick paste surface, the body's immune system is relatively fragile when a cold, then vulnerable to bacterial infection, avoid using lipstick when a cold, if you have to use it, wipe the lipstick surface clean with sterilized paper towel before use, and do a good job of disinfection after use to avoid cold virus remaining on lipstick, resulting in more bacteria breeding.
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