Have you ever thought about these questions?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-29
Why do some shopping malls have supermarkets and some do not? Who would like to go to the clothing store upstairs with the big bags bought from the underground supermarket? In fact, people who only plan to go to the supermarket will not pay special attention to the clothes in the window, although those clothes can be bought only on the first floor, but they or they are not willing to take another time to choose and buy. Although supermarkets have brought a large number of people, only about 10% of them have contributed to other formats in the shopping malls. However, many developers are still willing to lease most of the underground floor of the shopping mall to supermarkets, although the rent paid by supermarkets is only 1/5 or even less of that of clothing stores. Developers have their own calculations. In addition to radiating to the surrounding residential areas, a supermarket, more importantly, the introduction of major merchants such as large supermarkets in the initial stage of the mall construction can not only attract a large number of small tenants, it can also win preferential treatment and support for land and bank loans. Why is it always cosmetics when you enter the mall? Unlike shopping centers, when you go shopping in department stores, you always see Cosmetics first. Usually, people who buy cosmetics in shopping malls are not as good as those who buy clothing. It is easy to increase the chances of buying cosmetics by setting up cosmetics counters in places where people have a large flow of people and enter shopping malls. Therefore, the first floor of the department store is mostly flexible in demand (Can buy or not buy) High-profit cosmetics, they have the ability and willingness to pay the highest rent for this golden location. In addition, the cosmetics are beautifully packaged, neatly arranged, and the image is good, which virtually improves the grade of the mall. Even the balsam smell full of olfactory temptation is also a secret weapon to attract passers-by to enter the mall. Why is the escalator always located on the back of the mall? Many newly-built shopping malls cannot see escalators at the entrance. They are at a certain distance from the entrance and face the gate. If you want to go to the second floor, you will pass through the shops from the main entrance to the stairs, which increases your chances of spending in these shops. Why is the sports brand always on the highest floor? Shopping malls usually rent shops on the first and second floors to well-known international brands to reflect the overall image of the shopping center, the third floor is more about some influential local brands in China. However, sportswear, which is also an international brand, will not appear on the first floor, but will be arranged on a higher floor or underground. The reason is that the styles of sportswear have not changed much. No matter where they are placed, they have a more fixed consumer group. Why are big meals and movies at the top? How to drive the flow of people in shopping malls to the top is a problem that developers will consider in the early stage of shopping mall design. Usually, they will place food and beverage, cinemas, game halls and other items that are easy to gather people on the top to digest the area of the top and bring people to the top. The investment of these projects is generally completed in the early stage of the construction of the shopping mall, because the catering, cinema and other hardware facilities such as smoke exhaust and floor height have special needs, if it is adjusted later, it will cause a huge waste of construction costs. In addition, some brands of special stores are always arranged at the top of the mall, underground or at the corner of the mall that is not easy to find, in order to drive the flow of people in these locations.
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