Have to live '+' era, processing cosmetics billions of supply chain market for mining

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-21

it can be said to be a web celebrity era, whether eu her live under a earn a suite of hangzhou, or live Li Jiaqi sold 15000 lipsticks in 5 minutes, or quickly anchor simba live sales 1 6 hours. 400 million yuan. Have to live in a word, '+' era, the processing and cosmetics, supply chain billions of market for mining.

based on this, the industry has a voice, said the new retail into the power supply is the key stage, and all kinds of wonderful, 2019, will revolve around the change of supply chain.

the processing with the cosmetics market competition is increasingly fierce, new channels to boost demand, and its own development needs, inspire enterprises began to reflect on the problem of part of the factory, and brave enough to try to change, makes every effort to achieve 2. 0 to 3. The era of iteration to upgrade.

such as XJ Beauty, shortly after the detonation product series, and built the factory, the innovation center and wisdom in all kinds of exhibition comprehensive supply chain system, actively promote the Beauty industry to shape the good reputation of the industry overall brand image. Seize the pulse of The Times to better development, create beauty has been the development of themselves, only know production factory is no future, only to the brand, the product and the combination of culture, stories, arts, etc, is the true competitive enterprises.

the future success of contract, will follow this growth path: the first category is the factory, the second is the brand factory, the third is to strain the factory. So-called plant category, is simply a single-minded focus to individual category perfectly, small and beautiful; Namely by building IP brand factory, factory brand.

do cosmetics generation process not only follow the traditional, more important is to know the innovation, continuous development of the self, processing cosmetics manufacturer billions of supply chain market for mining, the brand you want to do, to find a beautiful right.

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