Have a pouch to eat these food can significantly improve

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-31
Maintenance is often the most obvious of the eye, the eye bags appearance of aging skin, speed, make old people as a whole. Why is there pouch? The MM must pay special attention to this topic, a direct relationship between the eye bags with age, and have a rest, how to effectively remove eye bags, reply the charm with big eyes? Before we know how to go pouch the most effective, we first take a look at why will form the pouch. As the growth of the age, the skin metabolism slows down and the collagen and elastic fibers began to slowly drains, eyes beneath the skin becoming aging, once the skin aging, will form a pouch. Eye bags and sagging solutions: 1, after the eyes with eye cream, unknown moisturized, quick pat the eyes flapping frequency at 20 times or so, to speed up the circulation of the blood. 2, with a small piece of a cotton pad soaked in tea, and then apply it on the eyelid, can purify pouch, reduce pouch dropsy. 3, yi is contained in a variety of elements, but also have the function of the scattered stasis, detumescence, can effectively remove the lower eyelid congestion caused by the black eye. After yi boil water with a cotton pad soaked in yi water, then apply on the skin around the eye, it can effectively purify black rim of the eye and pouch. 4, loss of collagen will lead to sagging, help skin to resume elasticity so can replenish collagen, eye skin flabby suggest eating some collagen protein rich food, such as pig, fish, pig, etc. , 5, and sliced potato stick on a small amount of egg liquid, and apply them in the eye, wait for 10 minutes, you can use clean water to remove, as this can help to reduce pouch dropsy, treat black rim of the eye. Face bag, mainly has the following these reasons, may be the result, the innate physical muscles with age growth, because the eye nerve fatigue or aging, weakened muscle, fat, eyelid tissue relaxation phenomenon. When stress or tension, upset, sad or a job burnout is reached, the spleen and stomach function abate, wet operation impeded, the formation of eye bags. There are acute nephritis patients: the upper and lower eyelids swollen since morning, representative, pixu (spleen deficient) hot, can also lead to the emergence of the pouch.
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