Haunt the processing cosmetics production enterprise of 'flying inspection' exactly is what?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-23

almost every month, more or less about XXX cosmetics inspection unqualified news, these enterprises are in quality management, personnel management, plant, equipment, material management, etc, were 'pick' problem, light person, was ordered to rectification, serious even can be revoked relevant qualification certificates. Such a serious consequences, it is a lot of small factory can not afford, at that time many look strange:

haunt the processing cosmetics manufacturer production enterprise of 'flying inspection' what is it?

flight check, referred to as 'fly: refers to not notice the on-site inspection by inspection departments, is a form of the current functional departments to monitor, at present has become a normal operation.

the flight check is international product certification body for the certification after the factory USES the most commonly used a method of track inspection is important means to improving the effectiveness of factory inspection. In plain English, the teacher and not random examination is a reason. Many cosmetics contract about fly check, lest they trample someday 'ray', but there are many OEM firms think that it is superior of screening process: as the industry standard is more strictly, regular foundry enterprises can in a relatively fair environment of competition. And XJ Beauty has two has its own factory in guangzhou, because there is power, so 'fly up' are always welcome to come over to check and compare the quality of our products have always is famous for its high quality.

fly check just functional departments to strengthen the management of an effective means. Predictably, the next will be more and more strict mechanism to help the industry further formalization. So now cosmetics manufacturer generation threshold processing industry is becoming more and more high, but also eliminated many informal enterprises. And create popular cosmetics manufacturer brands want, understand the latest market trend and development trend is only the first step, the more important is to find high quality of the factory cooperation. Otherwise, find factory cooperation level is low, not create products not only consumers, may also blacklist of the food and drug administration.

the problem is coming, so many Chinese cosmetics factory, XJ Beauty is your good choice, the relevant qualification certificate is complete, the cosmetics generation process is at ease.

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