Has some pains and itching skin '' is that your sleep mask wrong

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-23
Convenient sleep mask is more and more popular with people, many of the 'web celebrity products' is also becoming more popular. But why a mask, also other people apply for exquisite moist skin, you can harvest the face oily and silence? Removal of individual differences, whether there are other small details ignored by you? Small make up today XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer from several aspects to everyone all about allergy and discomfort because you sleep mask wrong! Daub anticipation before sleep a good sleep mask, wake up only to find that the face red the difficulties? Don't try so hard to blame the mask, see if he was to good effect on the coating layer upon layer? Careless or choose the mask is not suitable for their skin? Apply NO sleep mask is asleep. Following the skin to absorb ability of time to sleep or not does not affect the effect of sleep mask, even as ordinary facial mask to use, apply is 15 Sleep mask arbitrarily apply NO! Follow skin can choose true absorption sleep mask basic divided into gels and creams. Gel texture more frivolous water embellish, moist but not greasy, more suitable for oily skin and mixed skin. A full face of greasy and silent, foreplay is not ready you blame sleep mask to apply NO! Follow skin can choose true absorption sleep mask brand on the market is various, how to choose the suitable for their own one? Sleep mask basic divided into gels and creams. Allergy and discomfort because you sleep mask wrong! Apply NO sleep mask is asleep. Sleep mask = massage cream water embellish beauty NO. Sleep mask + foundation makeup beauty NO. Beauty sleep mask + thin face cream V face NO. 1 USES the swelling effect of sleep with detoxification, mask, wash after stay mask absorption, apply adequate amount to the essence of thin face, again in palm preheating, on the cheeks, forehead, double neck three, press. . .
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