Hardcore composition 'second crack yeast,' big are using it

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-01

mentioned a lauder little brown bottle, a coach of black water bottle, SKXX fairy, you must know that when you carefully look at the product composition table, will be surprised to find that they all contain a core components - — Second crack dissolved cell yeast fermentation products. Second crack yeast at the end of repair muscles, enhance the resist force, improve the skin effect is remarkable, '' the second crack yeast so hard core components, as well as the big darling, XJ Beauty many products have applied to oh!

two crack yeast is what?

two crack yeast called the 'second crack yeast fermentation product dissolved cell', by bifidobacterium culture, inactivated and decomposed metabolites, segments of the cytoplasm and cell wall components and polysaccharide complexes, this also means that the second crack yeast cells containing nourishing vitamins, minerals and amino acids, is 'good medicine' skin maintenance.

two crack yeast magical action

repair skin aging resistance to light

2 crack yeast can promote DNA repair, as the cells can assign, added loss of skin nutrition, young, healthy skin, also can effectively protect skin from uv damage, prevent light aging epidermis and the dermis.

shine bright color of skin anti-aging

two crack yeast also produces including vitamin B group, minerals, amino acids and other beneficial skin care of small molecule, is one of the only used in skin care quality yeast essence, can strengthen the metabolism of the stratum corneum, inhibition of lipid peroxidation, carry bright color of skin, anti-aging effect.

stable nourish skin skin

two crack yeast is rich in nutrients, can nourish skin, stable skin, especially for the early old muscle and ripe age of muscle, the nutrients like hairdressing needle, activating skin energy, activism the youth brilliance.

skin repair data

the skin's immune system by subtle and balance a variety of amino acids, protein and all kinds of medium, the regulation of uv will break the balance, the second crack yeast can make all kinds of medium scale back to balance, improve natural DNA repair mechanisms after ultraviolet radiation, effectively protect skin from uv damage, help prevent light aging epidermis and the dermis.

hardcore composition hardcore products

in XJ Beauty of many products, each product has its own core elements, which also hide the ultimate boss - — Two crack yeast! By rigorous proportion, to create the best effect that protect skin, skin feeling, and user experience, whether products are great!

big sister. DNA end of muscle repair

patent number: US 4464362

two crack yeast as the core component, designed to resist damage DNA, rapidly improve the skin's own repair and regeneration function, make the skin has been copying and reproduction, retain the years trace.

two crack yeast, called lady circle cosmetic ingredients for 'gold', also known as 'local tyrants' yeast, one kilogram of price can be up to 200000 yuan, is expensive, but the effect that protect skin enough for hardcore, USES it big, you have to know related products? XJ Beauty waiting for you!

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