Hand is the second face of you

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-21
See a girl, you will see which part? Some people said: hand. Because of his reason is: hand to maintain a good girl, are generally more delicate. Now say it is a face of the world, and all kinds of social situations in life, the hand often as your 'second face, everywhere reflect a person's temperament elegant. Hand maintenance and tender girl, always give people a better impression. When it comes to maintenance, gigi must be a public all clothing, more than 60 years old of age, the skin like a frozen age in the age of 30, reach is still attractive. Pay attention to the delicate care of her, can not take time on the face, even the hand all younger than actual age 20 years old, although the hand skin is not as tight as young people, but few dry lines, and no age spots, so still seem to be very white. Do a delicate girl, not just carefully daub is on the other face to face every day, especially their laundry cooking, mop the floor clean the table of the girls, better hand more care for you. What do you know how to hand? 1, daily housework wearing gloves, whether it is washing the dishes wash his clothes, and mop the floor clean the table, try to get into the habit of wearing gloves, many detergents contain hurting hands, this is many baby know, perennial soaked in water containing all kinds of detergent, washing up, over time, the hand will naturally become more and more rough, the lack of moisture accelerated aging. 2, hand cream to use hand cream, you should know the following: 1. Every time after washing hands, should be clean hand slap on the hand cream. 2. Before sleeping in the evening also want daub, and than thicker paint job during the day, and then put on thick gloves, the next hand skin will be more moist. 3. Young baby can choose the hand cream with high moisture, prevent weather-shack. Older, can choose to write functional hand cream, such as anti-aging and fade spots of hand cream.
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