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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-09
Prescribed hair salons beauty salon all commerce to plain code marks a price < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:39 < / p> a few days ago, 'interim measures for the hairdressing industry management' formally promulgated by the state Ministry of Commerce, and will take effect on January 1 next year, this is China's first beauty salon industry regulations, for the first time it has been clear about the beauty salon industry is the competent department of the Ministry of Commerce. According to tianjin city beauty salon association secretary-general of training is introduced, according to the regulations, standards, beauty salon industry will implement classification and grading shall practise a system of rating, and noted in providing services to consumer service price, the sales in the process of service shall clearly mark prices on the hairdressing hair care products. According to introducing, the implementation of the 'method' will be more to promote the healthy development of the hairdressing industry, and to regulate the behavior of hairdressing services, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of beauty salon operators and consumers play an important role. Way also made clear the hairdressing business operator shall to the local beauty salon association ( Chamber of commerce) To register as a corporate information for the record. After the introduction of 'method', the city's beauty salon industry will be strictly implemented, the city will also formulate the relevant detailed rules for the implementation of the hairdressing industry management. In the future, consumers go to hair salon to do hair style or enjoy beauty services will be more convincing. The 'method' reflects the several big advantage, is in the past has never been of some local regulations: clear service scope for rating the root according to the 'method' regulation, beauty salon business operator shall have clear service scope of the project, and provide services according to the service scope of the project, at the same time engaged in medical beauty services, shall be in conformity with the relevant provisions of the administrative department of health. Countries in the hairdressing industry standards for classification and grading, practice the rating system, promote the standardization and specialization of beauty salon industry. Business license to be public, collect fees 'method' regulation, beauty salon operator shall be in place on the eye-catching place of the express business license, the hygiene license, the service items and standards, etc. Beauty salon operator when providing the service service price should be given to consumers. For in the process of service shall clearly mark prices on the hairdressing supplies sales. The hairdressing supplies and equipment for use shall show consumers, for consumers to choose. Provide the information to be true beauty salon operator after the service, shall issue the corresponding to consumer consumption vouchers or service documents. Beauty salon when providing the service, an operator shall ask the requirements of customers, provide consumers with true information related to the services, to customers about products, services and other issues, should make a real clear answer, must not cheat and mislead consumers. Selling fake products shall be used for a health card mount guard beauty let hairdressing and sales service of all kinds of shampoo, hair care, hair color, perm and cleansing, skincare, make-up and other products as well as the corresponding instruments, shall comply with the relevant national product quality and safety and health regulations and standards, and shall not be used and selling fake and inferior products. Beauty salon management place shall conform to the relevant provisions and standards for the health, has the corresponding health disinfection equipment and measures; Practitioners must go through the health examination, health authorities to work with the health certificate. Operators need to register for the record to the local society 'method' also clearly put forward that hairdressing business operator shall to the local beauty salon association ( Chamber of commerce) To register as a corporate information for the record. Competent commercial departments at all levels for violating the 'method' beauty salon operator can give warning, make its deadline to correct; When necessary, can be announced to the public. On the basis of relevant laws and regulations should be punished, the competent commercial departments at various levels may request relevant departments punishment according to law. Information source: daily reporting
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