Hair care attention

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-02
Used to worry about hair loss, hair less often is male friend, and often to pin that on androgen. Want to star smooth hair, at ordinary times what should care? Eat a point what can protect hair? Is good, a real science. If hair suddenly changed significantly abnormal, loss than daily increased significantly, which is usually in poor health. For example, large pressure and a lot of worry. The old saying goes 'people don't resend'. Worry about more people or srain brain, mental stress and emotional stimuli can cause hair loss, severe cases may even large amounts of hair loss, lead to local bare hair alopecia. For example, often stay up late, don't sleep well. Sleep is the important reason for the loss of hair. Now many people often stay up late, stay up late, the sleep quality is very bad, the hair is very difficult to grow well. Nutrition can't keep up. Under the condition of the apparent lack of protein, the hair not only grow slowly, also easy to fall off, and hair quality is poor, thin, crisp, dry, hair color becomes shallow. This is because the hair is the essence of keratin, it is a kind of protein. The formation of melanin hair, also need a called 'tyrosine amino acid as raw materials. And in the process of melanin and keratin, and needs the help of a wide range of B vitamins and trace elements. The hair needs nutrition, comes from the food. To see a horse place, good nutrition, the body strong horse, mane is plentiful, the colour is light. If a horse sick, or malnutrition, dark color will run dry. Want to star smooth hair, at ordinary times what should care? Eat a point what can protect hair? Domestic cats and dogs, too, the pet body good, MAO's status will be good. These are the typical symptom of malnutrition. But in this era of food abundance, how can malnutrition? Admit it! Is disorderly of reducing weight, have the person, break feed in a month or even longer, only drink vegetable juice, thinking of detoxification, lose weight? Anyone, don't eat staple food, don't eat meat, only eat fruits when rice, or 'don't eat dinner' lose weight? Thinks he is a fairy, can drink the dew out-of-touch only? But it's a pity that you have been eliminated. This day by day, to eat protein is really enough. Go on a diet to lose weight, also easy to digest ability decline. A lot of friends for many years into a 'diet - Malnutrition - Digestion, absorption, down - Lower metabolic rate - Body loose or edema - Diet 'again the low quality of life cycle, but never reflect on why, always want to with what method to handle the' poison ', or what shampoo hair frost to solve. Modern humans, it is a kind of magical animals. Eat black sesame seed can repair the hair? May be, but not because eat black repair melanin. Malnutrition, in addition to protein, B vitamins and trace elements is a serious lack of supply. If iron, zinc, manganese, zinc, etc, the hair quality would also be affected. Black sesame seed contains trace elements are more abundant. But, black sesame seed also contains a lot of oxalic acid and phytic acid, the absorption rate is far lower than the fish meat, milk and eggs. If you can assure to eat more meat, multi-pronged on nutrition, is good for hair. At that time, let alone eat eat black soya bean, black rice, black sesame seed, walnut, you is to drink milk, drink soya-bean milk, eat eggs, lotus seeds, tofu, eat a lot of a lot of white food can let a hair black. But in general, to improve the hair is not ten days and a half months will be able to adjust to the normal state.
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