Guangzhou XJ BeautyOEM: teach you how to summer moisture

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-18
Teach you how to summer hydrating, summer is the season of skin moisture loss is most serious, all in the season of extreme lack of water, MM people the focus of the skin care for skin hydrating and moisturizing, keep skin constantly in a state of water embellish, the following is for everyone to recommend a few summer hydrating small coup, let you say goodbye to the hungry children call! 1, apply the bird's nest mask mask hot summer want to let skin adequate drinking water, then use toner as a mask to apply to face is the most suitable, will buy bathed in bright skin water compressed facial mask, when plenty of face film paper soaks up and spread out, can mask on the face after cleaning, it can relieve dry face, also can let skin drink enough water. Trouble beauty, small make up recommend you try the bird's nest acid mask mask, the mask selected hydrolysis rain bird's nest extract, yeast dissolved cell extract, hydrolyzed rice protein factor and precious bird's nest contains light through bird's nest whitening factor acid, can repair nourish skin, improve skin moisture ability, help restore skin water condensation shining brilliantly, maintain healthy skin, tighten the skin moist and elastic. 2, the besmear before sleeping to moisture essence daub skin care products is very rich, don't say summer is ignored this important step that protect skin, especially in the face before sleeping, apply moisturizing cream to the face, and it can be in after you enter the deep sleep, rapid penetration to the skin, let the nutrients moisturize dry cells, let skin to achieve the best absorption and water lock effect. Moisturizing skin care products recommended: moisture essence, deep penetration easily mix skin, improve skin moisture reserve force, make the skin always show tender Gao Ze. 3, assure enough sleep enough sleep is a very important role to maintain skin, especially the skin in the evening 10 o 'clock to 4 o 'clock in the morning is to absorb the nutrition and self-repair of prime time, only you guarantee 6 - every day Eight hours of sleep time, can make skin radiate luster from the inside out, become more fine and smooth. 4, eight glasses of water a day to give skin filling water, of course will get enough moisture to the body, let skin get rid of the phenomenon of water scarcity, drinking eight glasses of water every day, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, also must be nutritionally rich soup, only in this way can create from within the tender skin. 5 all the girls know, just before bed, drink red wine to drink red wine has very big benefits for the skin, the girl drinking a small glass of red wine before sleep, not only can promote the blood circulation to speed up the body, still can let the skin absorption capacity of moisturizers have increased significantly effect. The XJ Beauty small make up I wish you happy every day, every day have good skin color.
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