Guangzhou XJ Beauty theory of three-dimensional V face to a man how important is appearance level

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-30
Guangzhou XJ theory of Beauty cosmetics manufacturer factory stereo V face to a man how important is appearance level? The 88th annual Academy Awards in Hollywood dolby theatre, leonardo in the wilderness hunter successfully won the Oscar for best actor. In the past 22 years, leonardo has 4 times nominated for an Oscar, but for an Oscar statuette, when he can put his first oscars, has become many fans hot topic. The leonardo to deliver every won best actor, finally won the Oscar dream of their own. Leonardo, said little plum, think that year in 'Titanic' looking back at the the level of too much blurred eyes, handsome appearance, and the outline of delicate fan pour millions of fans fans. Unconsciously to see a few more eye, get back to business, the theory of 'compact V face to a man how important is appearance level? 'Over the years, the small plum still, growing his age, though no longer small fresh meat, but give him time added a few minutes the charm of mature man. Attentive fans can be found that small plum the face have obvious 'V face' feeling, now although facial features and in those days haven't changed much, just face greatens, whole feels will by 'young little fresh meat' - - - - - - 'Mature', also can appear not so delicate facial features. Small make up also can not help but sigh, even small plum has a prosperous time is can't resist face bigger level discounted to its appearance, that is our people how to do? Solution a: western men like beards, like small plum picture that; Women like to play on a thick shadow, are in the same way, the extreme pursuit of strong sense of facial features. Solution 2: cosmetic surgery? No, the small make up is not recommended, small make up for, cosmetic surgery is risky, start work need to be careful! Solution 3: apply the mask to yes, you did not listen to wrong, is to apply face film, no makeup, no beard, more do not need to be plastic.
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