Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics processing experts: the method of use to you?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-31
Daily, sister of skin care products: cleansing milk, water, milk, cream, face cream, eye cream of what a down, how wear also have to have an overland, better easily thousands! Saving money to buy protect skin to taste, eat soil knows literally lost is wasted. However, if the usage is wrong, protect skin to taste is less than the corresponding effect, it is also a kind of waste! Small make up today is pulled out seven kinds of common skin care products wrong usage, to see if you have in the making? Error 1: direct let cleanser foam on the face of such practice will not only cause cleanser can't in the first place to the whole face clean, more important is without foaming cleanser can stimulate the skin! Tick the correct approach: first pour cleanser on palm, plus a small amount of water to knead a bubble, and then clean with stomach gently massage pore garbage. Error 2: directly with the hand pat toner if hands will not clean bright skin water pollution, wipe on the face can cause secondary pollution, effect that protect skin effect, still can cause a variety of skin problems. Tick the correct approach: toner especially nutrient, best on a cotton pad to make it wet, then from outside introversion, from bottom to top in the direction of the pat face and neck, or to the nose line horizontal wipe. Mistake 3: after facial cleaning, directly using the essence essence is high nutrition to protect skin to taste, if skin cleaning steps do not thoroughly, the residual bacteria, the essence instead of nutritional bacteria, cause skin inflammation. Tick the correct approach: first use toner secondary cleaning ~ it can help skin sebum membrane, soft cutin, let the essence directly into the deep skin, face Q is not just a dream. Mistake 4: horizontal pushing eye cream transverse opened the eye cream, it's easy to make eye skin injured by friction, but also increases the chance that the eye appear fine lines. Tick the correct approach: squeeze a small amount of eye cream first in unknown moisturized, from the outer corner to the inner eye, like a dot ellipsis will click in eye skin eye cream. Mistake 5: essence cream directly my face painted such practices can lead to cream the essence ingredients can not fully play, less expensive creams so wasted you don't love? Tick the right approach: first, with a small spoon scoop out a suitable amount of cream on palm, and emulsion evenly folded hands to press in two buccal zygomatic place first, then according to the chin and forehead, and then gently from two buccal, cream slowly and gently press into skin. Error 6: frequent replacement protects skin to taste the update cycle is 28 days commonly, the skin has an adaptation to the product, if change frequently especially anti-aging products, cosmetics manufacturer will produce allergic phenomenon, go down for a long time not only received anti-aging effect, can let the skin instead, fragile accelerated aging. Mask in the same way. Tick the correct approach: whether a product has a good effect, insist to use at least three months. Error: seven in the evening not to wear any maintenance product that's right! usage right is a waste, the use of time don't have to, but also greatly drop waste! Night air circulation, residual bacteria on the bed sheet, pillow, air pollution, and air conditioning can make bare unprotected skin injuries, skin resistance drop, imperceptible aging in the bed. Tick the correct approach: ten o 'clock at night to 2, is the best time for the pores open absorb nutrients, night cream, moisturizing essence is necessary.
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