Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics processing experts: how to choose baby protects skin to taste

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-30
The baby is also can be used to protect skin to taste, just on the choice of products need to be more careful. Dream d. infant cosmetics manufacturer processing research and development experts you treasure mom about how to choose baby protects skin to taste? Choose the big brand product brand products more reliable, because of the brand to be known, has a good word of mouth people must withstand repeated inspection, and relevant state departments will also strict control of their products before put into market, so we would choose relatively have security. According to the infant's skin choice infant skin is very sensitive, so it's best to choose good moisturizing effect, less chemical additives products. Mother in the products of their choice for their children, should look at the product specifications, to see if it has nourished, no stimulation, the effect of moderate. Note that can't give children choose adults use protect skin to taste. Also can't choose some low price, it's easy to have a fake and inferior products. According to the applicable season choose to face a lot of people have a choice to protect skin to taste in kind, here to offer you some advice. Generally includes the kinds of skincare lotion, skin oil, moist frost, etc. , there are certain differences between them. Emulsion liquid is large, contain natural ingredients, moisturizing effect is good, so the emulsion for the south's baby in autumn and winter days commonly use, suitable for the baby in the autumn in the north. Oily skin oil, which contains many different plants, mineral composition, can be used to improve skin dryness, moisturizing effect is good. Moisturizing cream moisturizing ingredients is very high, more suitable for the baby autumn winter season in the north. Selected according to the infants aged 1. Baby: if your child or baby, then no need to use protect skin to taste. At this time because the child was born, the skin with the lipid exists, can protect the skin. And general newborns will not go out, so don't need special protection. 2. The full moon on or after the infant: if your baby has a full moon, you can use some moisturizing products appropriately, to prevent drying effect. General advice to choose some special for children protect skin to taste, it is best not to contain spices, pigments, etc. 1 selected according to the infant skin conditions. Summer: in summer, the baby's skin in general will be wet, so only need to use warm water to the baby's skin can wipe gently, do not need to use protect skin to taste. 2. Winter: winter climate is dry, baby's delicate skin may appear the phenomenon such as molting, chaps. At this time, the Suggestions for baby use some moisturizing and nourishing function to protect skin to taste, to protect the baby's skin.
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