Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics processing experts: cosmetics allergy how to do

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-31
Recently due to climate change, some people in the use of skin care products, especially some appear in the process of the mask allergies, once appear, allergies, a lot of people, including some of the cosmetics industry personnel will be rattled by, do not know how to start. In fact is allergy medicine all over the world can't completely solve the problem! Especially in the 4 - June is the peak period of allergy, someone is allergic to the wind, the rubella; People who are allergic to the pollen, the smell will be sneezing; People eat crab allergy, red rash all over you. Everyone at ordinary times should use cosmetics manufacturer, moisturizing and whitening or the spot, in the cosmetics, has become in the cosmetics is amazing, some unscrupulous businessmen to product effect, available spot, available whitening, etc at chemical additives, cosmetics manufacturer, add up to is heavy metal, pigment, preservative, spice, dye and so on. These are direct stimulation of the skin is sensitive to the source, it is very easy skin contact dermatitis, and some additives can cause skin jams wool stoma to evolve into acne, really hurt to the best of them, of course not rule out some product quality pass, anyhow you should polish to select products in his own eyes, spend money is not terrible, terrible is spent money still sick. Any skin care brand, no matter what skin care products, including many foreign big shop sign protect skin to taste, even some brand sensitive flesh dedicated to protect skin to taste will have allergic consumers. The accidentally used cosmetics allergy how to do? First of all, stop using all cosmetics in the home, and then chilled water ( Pure water) - - - - - - - - - - - - Use cold water in the refrigerator, the compressed mask paper soaked completely, apply is in 10 to 15 minutes on the face; If no face to stick in the home, with a clean towel, after immersion in a clean, fresh bags, put in the refrigerator freezer 10 minutes, then apply face 15 fifteen minutes, four times a day after many facial ministry allergy stopped all care, lead to lack of skin moisture, easy corrugate, lead to a vicious cycle. Actually face allergy, also need to be very careful care skin, in addition to use warm water wash a face every day, you can also use the anti-allergic ingredients or pure natural plant ingredients to protect skin to taste, keep skin balance. At the same time, in the absence of necessary at ordinary times don't frequent heavy make-up. In life should be light make-up, make-up not only can make a person look weird, and suppresses the skin smooth 'breathing'. Also, want to have intermittent makeup. Can not get the rest of the skin, scarred by cosmetics cumulative endlessly. Skin should be appropriate to rest, don't make up, if you don't go out with a little nutrition frost. Choose A mild maintain article, functional and not too strong, only need A moist effect is ok, don't use fruit acid, salicylic acid, vitamin A acid products. In the dry winter also can use olive oil instead of moisturizers to relieve dry skin. Such as moulting and redness of skin is happening, you should stop using all maintain article. Why cosmetics can make some skin allergy? allergy is due to some of the cosmetics, the skin cells to produce stimulation, make the skin cells to produce antibodies, resulting in allergies. sensitization is one of the most original flavor, preservatives, heavy metal. Some heavy metals mainly refers to the generation have stripped, whiten and excessive amounts of lead, mercury content of the nature of cosmetics; Spices include: big flower jasmine fragrance, flavor, tuberose type A new international white essence, rose essence, lilac extract, osmanthus fragrance; Preservatives including: imidazole alkyl urea, p-hydroxy benzoic acid esters, broad Bohr, formaldehyde. In addition to hair dye para-phenylene diamine, cobalt chloride, glaze nickel sulfate, and rosin. If the perfume is not pure natural high quality essential oils, but poor essence or chemical essence, genetic sensitive skin so people gao min in the state of using cosmetic, cosmetic contact dermatitis is easily happened and worsen existing diseases.
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