Guangzhou XJ Beauty; Cosmetics packaging what problem should note?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-30
In the process of cosmetics manufacturer OEM production, often packaging problems, such as: 'cosmetics packaging, packaging materials mainly include cosmetic bottle ( Glass bottle, plastic bottle, acrylic bottle) And the bag ( Mask bag, eye mask bag, etc. ) , box ( Item boxes, boxes) Wait for a problem. 'Guangzhou XJ/Beauty to give you a brief introduction of cosmetics packaging container which should pay attention to details. 1, the printing problems: check whether the printed word, design, fuzzy not clear; The printed word, design, and design draft are consistent; Is the product name and specification clearly indicate. OEM. Jpg2, cosmetics packaging format do not meet the requirements of national standards, such as the regulations of the state, cosmetics packaging needs to clearly show that the cosmetics manufacturer name, production license, the hygiene license, makeup, standards, approved by the QS. No matter domestic or imported products, product packaging needs to have a word in Chinese. 3, the cosmetics name, specification, the product inside and outside packaging prone to not corresponding to the product name and specification, should be a careful inspection. 4, cosmetics container capacity, cosmetics container capacity and labeling specification differs very big, such as packaging capacity of 50 ml, actual packing capacity of 30 ml and 70 ml. 5, form a complete set of packaging material is not complete, like a cream bottles from the bottle, the lid, hand pad, box, label, etc, to ensure that the packaging is complete. 6, cosmetics packaging material quality is uneven, such as bottles shatter easily ( Especially the transport) Easy, poor sealing sliding sideways, excessive deviation on the material appearance. Guangzhou XJ Beauty is the most powerful domestic OEM, wechat business cosmetics OEM, face film, special cosmetics OEM manufacturers, the existing more than 20000 square meters of modern production base, with international advanced production equipment and first-class production technology, product quality control in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system requirements, according to the GMPC standard construction and guide the production factory, building 100000 level of clean production workshop, the introduction of emulsifying advanced production equipment and article 4 automatic production assembly line and production process of the use of fine management and international advanced monitoring test equipment, is the industry leader. Advanced technology has been widely used in cosmetics production and processing, make the product safety, stability, effectiveness, TianRanXing reached the international advanced level of guarantee the quality of cosmetics and the grade of the high quality product, excellent efficacy, the professional service level, won the domestic customers widely respected in the industry. In the process of the production of cosmetics need layers of follow up, if there is no experience to check the enterprise can find cosmetics factory; Carefully check each production link, more communication, more test, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble and loss, so please look for the cosmetics OEM production and a series of great beauty industry group, provide consumers with high quality, highly effective, no stimulation, the security products, strive to provide the most perfect service.
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