Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics OEM teach summer bask in tips

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-15
Facing the summer strong ultraviolet ray, state of the MM have already kicked off the whitening suntan the skin defense. So many people have spent big money, such as sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen essence whitening sunscreen all buy, ready to do sufficient prevent bask in summer. Actually, want to prevent bask in effect better, just rely on these is prevented bask in a product is not enough! Some summer bask in small coup, can also help you solve summer bask in trouble. Below, is the enterprise cosmetics manufacturer OEM department expert advice to you. The first coup, natural sunscreen is time. To the degree of uv rays fell to its lowest, we need to go out half an hour on the bare skin, with a thick layer of sunscreen. And with sunscreen, doesn't mean that everything is all right, outside, also want to remind myself every 2 hours, will again fill brush a layer of sunscreen. The second nature is prevented bask in item. Want to cut off ultraviolet ray, you need an umbrella and a hat. Strictly speaking, these sunscreen should be dark, made of uv protection materials. Regarding the item of this together, a lot of people ignored the sunglasses. But it is very important! Sunglasses, again how love money, don't save, must buy Volkswagen brand of word of mouth and quality are good. Because if the lens quality closes nevertheless, can damage our eyes directly. Wear uv contact lenses of classmate, also still have to wear sunglasses, because in the sunshine, the best contact lenses can protect to the cornea, large areas of conjunctiva was exposed to the sun are not secure. The third is prevented bask in a product daub is easy to ignore. When you apply sunscreen products, don't ignore the neck, chin, ears these places, these areas skin more tender, need special protection. The fourth is the remedy and repair the skin after sunburn. Skin in the uv exposure time is too long, will be in a state of water shortage. Can use make up cotton absorbs the frozen water apply face, give skin wetness and cool and refreshing feeling. If skin redness after exposure, can use cold repair after sun gel with a thick layer of ice compress, also can match some sunburnt repair condensation, can moderate relieve skin, make sure that each skin cell water tender enough, with surplus. At bedtime, or choice to the facial skin for a comfortable water film. Note that in the meantime don't chamfer, also don't mess to wipe her face, because it is very easy to cause allergies.
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