Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics OEM: sunscreen of SPF and PA value is what?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-15
Since sunscreen is so important, then go to choose a good sunscreen. But full of beautiful things in eyes of sunscreen products on the market which cannot be numbered for multitude, whether we should choose from what aspects? Or that sentence, to be a wise woman, will you hand on the back of products turn to, whether I write some SPF and PA? Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer OEM to take you to see the SPF and PA values represent what letters and Numbers. The sun's rays spectrum is composed of A variety of complex light, one of the biggest on the skin damage is ultraviolet (uv) light, including ultraviolet A, referred to as 'UVA, 320/380 nm wavelength; Ultraviolet line B, referred to as 'UVB, 290/320 nm wavelength. The shorter the wavelength, the greater the heat, the impact on the skin. 防晒指数( Moreover prevention coefficient) To evaluate UVB ultraviolet prevention ability. For UVA, agreed there is no standard in the world at present, the more is announced by the Japan cosmetic industry association, 'PA' logo, namely 'prevent UVA measurement standard'. Therefore, select both products should notice prevention of SPF, also should pay attention to whether or not marked on the product PA value, such prevention or products with double functions of both UVA and UVB rays. SPF is every bottle of or frost prevention with the main content, is a multiple skin against ultraviolet radiation time. Specific SPF is calculated like this: with 15 times the SPF or multiples, that is because - With yellow skin can withstand sunshine an average 15 minutes without being burned, it 15 minutes is a base, such as using SPF20 uv protection products, and about 300 minutes to prevent bask in. In theory, the coefficient of both high and low reflect is prevented bask in a product the size of the uv protection ability. The higher SPF, for protection, but the growth of SPF is proportional to the BingDang ultraviolet ability does not. Generally to say, the lowest finish having product of SPF SPF2? Moreover prevention product is moderate, 6 SPF6? 8, higher moreover is SPF8 prevention? 12, 12 the SPF value? 20 products for high strength is prevented bask in a product, SPF 20? For the ultra strong innings sunscreen 30 products. But in a foreign country because there are lots of people like exposure in the sun, so the design of sunscreen coefficient is relatively high, some even reached SPF80. What does the PA value? PA namely 'prevent UVA measurement standard' to '+' to distinguish the level, the number of PA + + +, PA, PA + + +, among them, a '+' said can delay the skin to suntan time for 2? 4 hours, moreover effective prevention; Two '+ +' said to delay to 4? Eight hours, or quite effective prevention; Three '+ + + ', 'said can delay more than 8 hours, or very effective prevention.
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