Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics OEM: baby protects skin to taste: why can't I use?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-15
Many JMS think that infants and young children to protect skin to taste is generally very mild, with also won't have any problem. Have a baby skin care brand famous AD 'language the baby use good, I use. 'Plus a television in the play with the baby's mother, her skin like baby's skin is exquisite, delicate, many MM heart beating. Especially young MM, total feel using the baby sweet hui, cream, baby lotion, and other products, can make the skin back to childhood to be delicate. Moreover, many people think, baby skin care products are generally very mild, with also won't have any problem. Now, guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer OEM tell you: in different ages, people's skin condition is different, to protect skin to taste to beg is different also. Adult skin metabolism and baby skin metabolism is very different, so the baby protects skin to taste had little or no nutritional care for adults. Secondly, baby soap detergency root this amounted to less than adult skin clean, use for a long time will only make your skin become rough or premature aging by nutrient deficiency. Each has its own 'taste' of skin, especially oily muscle, more can't simply use the infant son lip shape to solve the problem. For oily skin, it is suggested that chooses a silicon lotion or white carbon composition, in order to effectively absorb facial redundant grease, reduce the phenomenon of glossy, both moisturizing, to achieve the perfect state of water and oil balance.
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